It’s always nice to get some new music coming my way and even better when it’s enjoyable to listen to and Haunted is certainly an EP that I’ve enjoyed lately.

A while back just after finishing the Ticket Tuesday Radio Show, I was talking to the next radio presenter that was on, Steve Evans, he mentioned a CD that he had been given to play on his show and wondered if I could check it out, so how could I refuse an offer like that.

Now I do have to say that I’m always looking out for new music and special local bands to review and as you all know from Blazing Minds I’ve covered a few gigs, with the most recent being the Straight Jacket Legends in Holyhead, so having a CD to review was awesome.

Porter’s Forces – Haunted CD Review

Porter's Forces 'Haunted' EP Cover

So the first thing that I noticed about Porter’s Forces was the CD cover, looking quite foreboding with a deathly looking child staring at me through blackened eyes was, if anything, slightly unnerving, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this four piece band.

The band consists of vocalist Niall Buckley, lead guitarist James Fearns, bassist James Ashurst and Paul Limer on drums; the latter pair having played together for over 10 years. Compliment this with Niall and Fearns’ history together in bands and Porter’s Forces have quickly become a very tight unit.

As with all the CDs I review, I put it on my iPod, so that I can walk around anywhere and everywhere listening to them to review. The 5 track EP was ready to go and it was time to review Haunted.

Staring form the first track “Rosie“, you just know that the EP is going to be something special, the power of the vocals from lead singer, Niall Buckley, are amazing. Just the sheer effect of them blasting out of the speakers is enough for you to say, “Yep, these guys are great”.

Superb guitar work, bass and percussion all tied together with vocals and some rather amazing lyrics, brings Porter’s Forces near to the top of my list for bands to keep a watchful eye on to see their progress.

With a fresh approach to guitar music, the band combine an eclectic mix of influences and the result is an alternative pop rock sound with a bluesy undertone.

All I can say is, that if these guys keep at what they are doing, working on more amazing lyrics and keep those gigs going to keep interest in the fans, I can really see them going a long way in their genre.

Want to find out more about Porter’s Forces?

Check out their website here, you can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes and Spotify.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham