Romper Stomper TV Show Review

Back in 1992, a film about skinhead racists running amok in Australia exploded around the world in a rampage of violence, Romper Stomper shocked audiences with its realistic take on neo-Nazi culture and making a star of its young lead, Russell Crowe. Now, with nationalism and racism on the rise around the globe, Romper Stomper is now back in the form of a sequel, this time as a powerful and fearless TV series, with a distinctly modern take.

Original writer and director Geoffrey Wright of the original 1992 film, has created a new world in and around Melbourne, one inhabited by right-wing extremists, anti-fascist revolutionaries radicals and a group of Muslims caught between them. He has also revived some of the characters from the 1992 feature, played by original cast Dan Wyllie (Love My Way), John Brumpton (The Loved Ones) and Jacqueline McKenzie (The Water Diviner). They are joined by Lachy Hulme (Beaconsfield), Sophie Lowe (The Slap), David Wenham (Top of the Lake), Nicole Chamoun (Last Dance), and rising star Toby Wallace (Boys In The Trees).

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Romper Stomper A Powerful Six-Piece Drama

The TV show from tells a story from multiple points of view, as Romper Stomper follows Patriot Blue, a new generation of white supremacists who right from the very start of the start show their hate, as they attack a peaceful festival with sheer brutality. During the altercation, a smart, young 22-year-old, Kane, with a secret past and a plan to secure his place in the group arrives to help them get away from the Melbourne Police.

It’s clear from the start that Kane’s street savvy attitude and winning way with words will see him rising to the top as his band of hardcore right-wing extremists come into contact with both anti-fascist hardliners and a trio of conflicted Muslims. And as their rivalry intensifies, a wider political thriller is put in place.

Romper Stomper - Kane

Romper Stomper is certainly a powerful TV Show and it can be very demanding to watch, as Kane and his gang take to the streets at night to “protect” the country, plus the violent scenes are very well produced and directed.

It’s nice to see that the sequel does include some of the original cast, including Jacqueline McKenzie as Gabe, Dan Wyllie as Cackles, and John Brumpton as Magoo/McGoo, Romper Stomper is a drama that although it has a very controversial subject matter, it’s one of those shows that has you gripped, as the characters move along through the episodes, you want to find out what their secrets are and the outcome of their actions that they are taking.

Generating both critical acclaim and controversy across the globe, Romper Stomper has been a compelling six-part series. Following its run on BBC Three, Romper Stomper is now out on DVD now courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Romper Stomper Returns after 26 Years


After 26 years Romper Stomper returns in the form of a six-part tv series, it’s interesting, heavy going, political and still controversial.

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