Welcome readers to the last of my articles about this years truly outstanding Sci Fi Weekender in Pwllheli, as this is the last article, yes folks I promise it’s the last, I thought I would have some recaps and also add some last-minute bits about the weekend.

Sci Fi Weekender 2013: Part Four The Final Frontier

So Saturday was our last day at the Sci Fi Weekender and it was like the other days extremely busy, with the thanks to Claire from Chic we were able to complete our tasks and get some fantastic portrait shots of the guest stars from the event, it was a little of a waiting game bit good things come to those that wait.

Not only had we managed to get some superb shots of the event itself we also managed to make some new Twitter friends (I Added them all to my SFW4 Twitter List), thanks to a bit of cunning advertising on my side, yes I wore my Blazing Minds sweatshirt 😉

The Friday had been an extremely busy day and thankfully Saturday was a bit of a calmer day, with a little more time to grab something to eat and drink without rushing around too much, I have to say that the Fish and Chip bar in the Main Void was great, the chips were lovely and not really that expensive.

Drinks in the bars may put a little hole in your pocket, but lets face it, this is a big place and you can’t expect everything to be a bargain.

I would like to thank Claire from Chic for working so hard with us during the weekend, she helped us out with our requests for photo shoots and when and where we could get everything organised.

The accommodation that we were given for the event was superb, with a second floor apartment looking over Tremadog Bay and all the luxuries of home. Ideal when you are constantly on the move and just want to relax after a hard day running around working.

Everyone one we met were brilliant, staff were very friendly, guests during the event were also nice to get on with and everyone was well-behaved.

But overall the Sci Fi Weekender in its new venue was superbly done, yes there may have been a few things to tweak, such the screen going down in the Spaceport and also it was hard to hear what the authors were saying during their Q&As in the Spaceport, but technology isn’t really mans best friend just yet.

Early Departure, Sadly

Now folks here’s the story I promised you and the reason we left early and sadly missed Craig Charles performing his Funk and Soul set.

Sadly we had to leave early due to a situation out of our control, but we are so pleased to announce that we are already confirmed to be at Sci Fi Weekender 2014, or SFW5 as it is affectionately known, so even more great stuff to look forward to and I can’t wait to get back there again and this time I may even try to grab myself an awesome outfit and join in the fun with everyone while working 😉

Sci Fi Weekender A Final Say for SFW4

So now it just leaves me to say, what an outstanding event it was this year, so much better than being in Prestatyn, the venue is perfect for everyone to enjoy, the organisers did a superb job, Claire was a diamond and everyone was ace.

I must also say a big thank you to Virginia Hey, Glenn Fabry, Manu Intiraymi ( @ManuIntiraymi ), Chase Masterson ( @ChaseMasterson ), Brian Blessed ( @BrianBlessed ), Frazer Hines ( @FrazerWho ) and Peter Davison ( @PeterDavison5 ) for giving us the chance to get some photos.

My last words for this massive undertaking of articles is … See you all next year and Tweet Ya’ll later 😉

Sci Fi Weekender In A Nutshell!! (Area 51 Do The Harlem Shake)

NOTE: This article will be updated soon with some new exclusive photos, as soon as we have uploaded them and they are ready to go 😉

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham