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SFW9 Announces a list of guests to blow your socks off!

OK, you know how I love Sci-Fi Weekender and for have been going to the events since 2013! With SF8 not far behind us, those amazing people over at Chic have let

Sci-Fi Weekender, SFW8 So Busy I Should’ve Cloned Myself!

So thankfully the traffic wasn’t too bad on route to Pwllheli for this year’s Sci-Fi Weekender, the A55 seemed to be flowing OK so after leaving at around 10 am we arrived

SFW8 Brings us News of More Doctor Who Goodness

We've just been contacted by SFW8 Mission Control with more news of the guests that will be attending the event in Pwllheli next March.

SFW8 Announces A Collection of Awesome Guests for 2017

We've just had an intergalactic transmission from SFW8 ( Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekender ) aka Geek Camp with an announcement for their first wave of entertainment to make next year’s stand-alone

SFW (Sci-Fi Weekender) Announce Final Guests for #SFW7

News in from the SFW team folks, with the final guest announcements for the 7th Sci-Fi Weekender that is taking place this March in Pwllheli, North Wales. ‘Look out I’m coming to

SFW 7 Gets Even More Amazing Guests for 2016

ACTORS ANNOUNCED FOR NEXT YEAR’S SCI FI & FANTASY WEEKENDER, SFW 7 Yes we know it’s been a little while since we brought you some news for next years SFW 7, but

Brian Blessed Will Be Back to Pwllheli For Sci-Fi Weekender 7

Hey folks, you know how much we love Sci-Fi Weekender here at Blazing Minds and those that have read my tweets earlier would have seen the awesome news that he is back

Sci-Fi Weekender 6 – Sci-Fi and Papa Johns

So yesterday I posted a fair bit about Sci-Fi Weekender 6 (SFW6) and even posted up a fair few pictures on the Flickr page, don’t worry there will be a slideshow of those

Sci-Fi Weekender 6, A Festival of Sci-Fi

There was a change to the Sci-Fi Weekender this year, as the weekend event held in Pwllheli was running alongside HRH Prog, an event of progressive rock music from a large list of

HOT NEWS Sci-Fi Weekender announces Sylvester McCoy for cycle 6

We’ve got some amazing news for everyone, specially fellow Whovians out there in the big old world we call home, so without further ado, let’s get on with it! The Hobbit’s wizard

Travis, Area 51, An Opening Sci-Fi Ceremony and the Spencer Wilding

The Opening Ceremony at any Sci-Fi Weekender is always a joy to watch the superb choreography, pyrotechnics and heart-pounding Bass from the music blasting out across Arena 1. We look back at

Hobbits, Doctor Who and Super Hero Cosplayers at SFW5

Cosplayers are certainly the people that stand out at any SciFi event and specially at the Sci-Fi Weekender as they walk around in costume and character. Some are professional cosplayers and others