The Promise Goblin – Indiegogo Campaign

Writer-director James Atkins is looking to follow on from the success of his award-winning short Sci-Fi comedy Bragging Rights, with a festive horror comedy called The Promise Goblin, which he is currently raising funds for with an Indegogo campaign.

If you have or know any kids you’ll know they can be terrified by the prospect of being on Santa’s naughty list and not getting presents.

Now imagine if kids knew they would get presents if they were naughty or nice. That’s right, it would be anarchy.

This comedy short film addresses this by telling the story of one of Santa’s employees, who works on the naughty list, who upon finding out that all his hard work was wasted takes matters into his own clawed hands.

You can find out more out more about The Promise Goblin campaign and the perks you can get by clicking on the Indegogo page.


The Promise Goblin (Crowdfunding Still)

Philip Rogers

Philip Rogers

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