Temperatures have risen over the last few weeks as the North Wales coast is enjoying some gorgeous summer weather.

People have flocked to the North Wales coastline over the past few weeks as the summer sun has heated up the seaside towns, with the beaches being packed with sun worshippers.

Having amazing weather like this is certainly a boost for the coastlines economy as people are popping in to seaside towns such as Rhyl, Towyn, Rhos-on-Sea and Llandudno to get ice-cold drinks, ice creams and buckets and spades to enjoy the sun and the beach.

It’s been many years since I’ve seen the beaches so popular and so packed, harkening back to those days when families would spend time in the UK and not jetting abroad for their holidays.

Rhos-on-Sea was very busy last weekend, as I drove along the coast road, cars lined the side of the road even to a point of parking on double yellow lines, just so people could get on to the beach.

It is such a shame the Victorian pier down the road from Rhos-on-Sea in Colwyn Bay isn’t open, if it was it would be fantastic for visitors to stroll along taking the lovely coastline view that can only be seen from the sea.

Colwyn Bay Pier

Yes we have a pier in Llandudno, which itself has some nice views, but it just isn’t the same and piers are something that need to be saved as part of our countries history, but don’t get me started on that one!

Temperatures have reached around 25°c and many have decided that they don’t need to go too far to be able to enjoy gorgeous weather that would usually be found on the continent.

But we all have to remember that with all this hot weather there are precautions that we should remember. Sun bathing can be a painful experience if done without any preparation or thought.

Tips For Protecting Yourself In The Sun

  • Choose a good sunscreen, preferably a waterproof one.
  • Try not to get dehydrated, drink plenty of liquids to keep you water levels up in your body. Remember that soft drinks may contain too much sugar and alcohol will dehydrate you very quickly.
  • If you aren’t really bothered about a sun tan then where light coloured clothing as this will reflect the heat, but remember that even the suns rays can penetrate the clothing. You can by clothing that UA designed to protect you from the sun.
  • Where a hat, yes folks, hats are great and they go great with a nice summer dress. Guys go for a wide-brimmed hat that keeps the sun from your face. Try not to go for baseball caps, you may end up with burnt ears and the back of your neck!
  • Where sunglasses, they not only look cool but they have the usefulness of protecting your eyes from the glare and the UV rays of the sun, don’t got for extremely cheap pairs, remember you only have your eyes once.
  • Watch the time, between 10am and 4pm UV levels are at their highest and midday is possible the worst time to be out in the sun. So find a bit of shade to protect your skin.
  • Most of all, be careful, being a sun worshipper may allow you to look tanned, but think of the overall effects later in life such as cancer, so be extremely cautious.

So have you been enjoying the gorgeous weather lately? Have you been cautious?

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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham