It seems forever since the last Thor movie, so the anticipation has been building since the news came with the UK release date for Thor The Dark World.

thor the dark world

Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Thor: The Dark World Review

With the return of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, plus a lot more screen time for Anthony Hopkins as Odin.

Also the story reunites Thor with Jayne (Natalie Portman) as she unintentionally has the Aether taking over her body as a vessel and in turn becoming the prime aim of Malekith, Christopher Eccleston, is to attempt to bring darkness to the nine realms.

Seeing Asgard in its full glory is a delight, we have only been teased of it in a smaller scale in Thor, but in Dark World, you get to see the CGI world of the Gods, with a slight resemblance to Naboo from Star Wars or maybe that’s just me think that it does!

thor the dark world tom hiddleston as loki

With Loki partnering up with Thor to save the universe, the film is laden with a some pretty fancy CGI and 3D that isn’t used to throw everything at you, but rather bring a feeling of depth to the film.

Although Thor: The Dark World may not be as full as humour as its predecessor, it still has those comedic moments, with Loki mainly bringing in the humour and a funny moment with Erik, Stellan Skarsgard, during his visit to Stonehenge!

Directed by Alan Taylor, who is mainly known for his TV directing with shows such as Game of Thrones, Mad Men and The Sopranos, the movie does at times, feel like a made for TV film, it will be interesting to see how his next movie outing, Terminator in 2015, differs in style to this one.

Thor may not be the best in the Marvel universe but it still is one heck of a roller coaster ride and the 2 hours does fly by really quickly, it may be somewhat lacking on the power of the script, but having the delicious Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston certainly makes up for that.

It is a worthy addition to the Marvel movies and having following tradition we are teased with a mid-credits extra, enticing us with what may be in Guardians of the Galaxy and the character, The Collector!

All Hail Generalissimo!

Yes dear readers, those of you who are avid viewers of the Marvel Movies will be on a close look out for Generalissimo, Stan Lee, in any Marvel adaptation and you won’t be disappointed to know that Stan is in Thor The Dark World, in a funny part of the film, so keep those eyes peeled out for him.

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