So recently I was asked to review another piece of tech, although not as extravagant and as expensive as my last tech review, the Light Switch Timer from Switched On Products is an affordable option for your home lighting and security.

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Unlike many security lighting for your home that need you to either update your wiring for your light circuits or plugging in a timer for a simple lamp, this one doesn’t need wiring and doesn’t need a lamp!

So, How Easy Is It to Set Up The Light Switch Timer?

To be honest it is really easy to set up, all you need is a screwdriver and some batteries!

You simply loosen the screws on your standard light switch and slot the supplied cradle behind your light switch, then tighten it back up, you are now ready to use the timer.

Light switch timer Back

The timer consists of several wheels that can be adjusted to control the amount of switches that have on your light switch, by unclicking a wheel and placing it in the correct cradle for it to control the switch when it needs to turn on or off the light.

The light switch timer is really easy to program and you can set it up to run for different on and off times for the days that you need, imagine you are going out and won’t be back till late and you don’t want your pets in the dark, then set the timer to come on when you need it.

It is also an ideal Burglar deterrent in performing on and off positions of your lights when you want them and even having the option to randomly turn them on and off during certain hours.

Putting The Light Switch Timer Through Its Paces

Light Switch Timer Wall

Ok, let’s get on to setting the timer switch up, as I mentioned earlier you place the housing over your light switch, then insert the batteries in the timer unit and then simply slot that in to the housing cradle.

Make sure that your light switch is in the off position, this should be with the switch in at the top and out at the bottom, this will allow the wheel to move along the switch to activate the lights.

Now all you have to do is set the time on the timer and then set the on and off intervals and days that you wish to use the timer for and then its ready to go, yes it is really that simple.

If you don’t want to use the timer you can easily remove it from the cradle and use the light switch as you normally would.

The timer works by moving the wheel up and down the light switch, effectively acting as an electronic finger on the rocker switch to turn the lights on and off, it’s genius really and works extremely well, it’s certainly something that most homes will probably find very useful.

I’ve put the programmable light switch through its paces over the last few days and it’s been great, it is simple to install and to set up the timer, most of us do use timers, with a lot using timers that plug-in for a lamp, but having this one on the household lights is a superb idea.

Not only is it simple to use, it also save energy, by using batteries to run, and not a plug-in socket, it doesn’t use that little extra bit of electricity to run the timer, more saving energy is great for all of us, specially the environment.

Fancy Grabbing A Light Switch Timer?

Now the official launch for the timer is this weekend 1st – 3rd November at The Gadget Show Live and they are now available at a special launch price of £27.99. Here at Blazing Minds we are proud to announce that you can get 10% off with a special blog offer:

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I do recommend the Light Switch Timer, it’s certainly a great bit of tech, a money saver and a nice bit of home security.

Karen Woodham
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