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It’s not long to go now before we will start getting charged for every one of those plastic carrier bags that we pick up when we go shopping here in Wales, so what does this mean and which bags will we be charged for?

The 5 pence price tag is for single use carrier bags, you know the ones that are given to you for free when you go shopping, but this isn’t just for the plastic carrier bags, this also goes for the paper bags as well, so this may make people take their own bags when it comes to shopping for food!

Hang On What About Take Away Food Carrier Bags Etc.

Well it seems that will have to pay for those as well, so now when you pop in to your local McDonalds or KFC you will have to pay 5p for the paper bag that your food is placed in to! Bizarre isn’t it!

This also means that if you buy something like bird seed for your pet budgie, you’ll also pay 5p for the bag the seed is in, so long story short, every disposable carrier bag you have will cost you 5p, a good time to remember to take your own when you go for that big food shop at the end of the week.

Raising Money By Charging 5p Per Bag

It has been mentioned that by having this charge in place for your “single-use” carrier bags will raise £2.6m, which in turn the shops and restaurants etc must give to Welsh charities (yeah I can see that happening), but if they are caught giving bags away for free then they will be fined up to £5,000!

Stock Up On Your Bags!

The 5p charge per bag goes in to force on the 1st October, so my advice is when you next go shopping, grab some extra bags and get them for free, also if you are going to start using those “Bag for Life” bags then get them now, most shops are giving them away for free or selling them at half the normal price.

I would rather pay 9p for a bag for life than 5p per bag every time I want few bags and with the big, stronger, bags you can usually pack the equivalent 3 – 4 bags in one.

So Remember The 1st October!

Put it in your diary and remember to take carrier bags with you when you go shopping or if you go to McDonalds, KFC or even Burger King, remember that they are going to charge you for the carrier bags.

Yes I know it’s only 5p, but it all soon mounts up 😉

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham