Transformers Dark of the MoonSo I finally bit the bullet and decided to go and see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D, my love for 3D films in the past has made me one of those people who compare 3D movies to one another and I usually use the mighty [amazon_link id=”B003UVAAPQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Avatar[/amazon_link] as a benchmark for 3D, so the question arrises for Transformers 3. Does the 3D in this movie hold up? I’ll answer that later on 😉

Ok, lets start with a few things about the movie as most of you know Transformers has become very popular and even more so since the first movie, which I really enjoyed and have seen several times, then the second move, which wasn’t too bad, but not as good as the first. So this third outing really had to be special to pull the movies back from the second movie.

Not Bad! Not Brilliant, but not bad!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an all out action movie with so much going on and very little actually happening, story wise that is, without  giving away the plot, the little one it has, it’s all out war with Prime vs Prime and humans getting in the way, yep that’s it really.

What made the film just come to a complete stand still for me was Leonard Nimoy playing Sentinel Prime, yes he has the gravel sounding voice for a Autobot, yes he sounds as old as the character, but for crying out loud, we all know him as Spock, so did he really have to quote his famous line from Star Trek: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few“, just before trying enslave the human race. At that point I was enjoying the carnage, explosions and brilliant special effects. But at that point, my heart sank in to a state of disbelief, even those in the cinema had a grown at this scene.

Now don’t get me wrong the movie is fun and is a bit of a roller coaster ride, but there is just something missing from the movie, I can’t put my finger on it, but there seems to be something that just doesn’t seem right. If you are looking for a movie that is full of special effects, explosions and ear bursting surround sound, then this probably for you. But, if you are hoping to see something like the first movie, then you will be disappointed

Ok, but what about the 3D!

As I mentioned I do have a tendency to use Avatar as a benchmark for 3D movies and so far nothing has topped it’s use of 3D, with Transformers the 3D isn’t really put to its full potential and though it does work quite well, there are so many sections of the movie where it just could have been a lot better.

For example, with the mighty battle going on in, with buildings coming down and the burning embers floating around, they just seem, “flat” where as in Avatar, you felt you could put your hand in to the screen and grab the embers burning from the forest. The same goes for the explosions, they just never seemed to shoot out as much as you would expect them to.

Now I’m not sure if this was a converted 2D to 3D film, but it certainly seems like it in parts, very much like some of the scene in the 3D version of [amazon_link id=”B003D3MZYK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Clash of the Titans[/amazon_link].

So, should you go and see Transformers: Dark of the Moon?

There’s two answers to this, yes and no!

If you just want to see a film that is all action and not much brains then this is certainly one to catch and though the 3D isn’t that brilliant it does add to the feel of the movie, if you are expecting to get a film as good as the first one, or you’ve never seen any of the other Transformers movies then I would have to no.

So my rating of the movie, I will have to give it 3 out of 5, a night out at best!

Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds. She is also a Cinema reviewer, based at the Scala in Prestatyn and at the many Cineworld screens, where she reviews the latest movies, she has also had several articles published in various publications. In 2015 she became an Award Winning Blogger and also has her website listed as one of the UK's Top 10 Film Blogs.
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham