Can you beat the heat of WhotChilli – Review

We have a little something different for you today as we bring you a review of Whotchilli family card games, which is a pack of great fun travel games in one little box.

Whotchilli is a little box full of hot family card games. Age 6+ Great games in one small box – that will easily fit into any pocket or bag – perfect to enjoy at home or on your travels.

Read the minds of your opponents to work out Whotchilli they’re playing when Lookin’ Hot. Use logic to work out Whotchillis are in your opponent’s Salsa recipe.

Remember Whotchillis have moved whereas you try to build the coolest hand with Chilly Chilli and more to come. Whotchilli gives you the choice of many different games, but they get angry if forced to sit in dark cupboards for long – and no one likes an angry Whotchilli.

So that’s why we’ll keep developing Whotchilli games and release them FREE to our customers when they’re hot enough to play. Whotchilli is brought to you by PLYT. All our games are designed to be fun, mentally stimulating and suitable for families of all ages and abilities to enjoy together for years to come

Whotchilli Family Fun

So at first, I thought this all sounds a little complicated, but to be honest the games are lots of fun, especially when you have various aged players playing, from young to old. This is certainly a card game that everyone can have fun playing together and let’s face it at Christmas time isn’t it better to all get together to have fun than sitting in front of the TV!

So playing Whotchillis is really easy and you can have up to 6 players, first of all, get someone to shuffle all the chilli cards together and deal them face down, evenly amongst the players. If there are any spare, put them to one side but let everyone know what they are.

Now that everyone has their cards, the player to the left of the dealer looks at their cards and shouts out how many tricks (more about these later) they predict they will win – the highest Scorch wins a trick, then the next player (clockwise) does the same and so on until it is the dealer’s turn, but the dealer is not allowed to predict a number that would equal the total cards in their hand (i.e. 3 players with 12 cards each – if the first two players both predict 5, the dealer is not allowed to go for 2).

Whotchilli Tricks!

The first player rolls the 12 sided spice dice, then sets the Scorch by playing a chilli card of their choice face up. Scorch = spice dice multiplied by the chilli rating, now the next player rolls the spice dice and plays their own chilli card after deciding whether they want to win or lose the trick after all the players have played, the player with the highest Scorch wins the trick. Believe me, it’s not as complicated as it may first sound once you get playing.

After all the players have taken a turn to deal, the player with the highest total score wins the game, then it’s time to start all over again.

I have to say that I love games and this small pack certainly delivers and you can see the competitive side of people coming out while you are playing the game, the compact box that the cards come in contains full instructions (in various languages), the 12 sided spice dice and of course the cards themselves. Everything contained is high quality and should last plenty of games, just as long as you don’t lose the 12 sided dice down the back of the sofa.

But not only is it fun, but if you have young kids then the game is also a great way to encourage them to learn, practise and enjoy numbers from an early age. By playing our games regularly not only will you have some competitive fun but you will improve your numeracy skills – skills which are KEY for life.

WhotChilli Card Game - Blazing Minds Review

WhotChilli Card Game – Blazing Minds Review

So turn off the TV this Christmas and check out Whotchilli which is one of the many games from PLYT which you can purchase from Amazon.




WhotChilli is a fun game that is ideal for everyone, no matter how young or old and has the advantage of being educational at the same time.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham