Sometimes when you go for a meal out you can be bombarded by the choice on the menus and it can become overwhelming, but with Steak Frites in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, ordering a meal is so much easier, all you need to know is how you like your steak cooked! So we thought we would bring you our thoughts of the venue.

The restaurant was inspired by the spirit of old Parisian brasseries and this can be seen from the decor of Steak Frites. The style of the meals and how they are served, from the artwork on the walls to the style of furnishings, Steak Frites is certainly something very different in the area when it comes to meals out and a venue that you can enjoy on with family, friends or even on your own.

As I mentioned earlier there is no problem trying to figure out what to order, as all the meals are the same. There is only one dish which includes a steak that is cooked to your liking from blue to well done, not sure how to have your steak then don’t worry you are shown on a simple chart how the steaks are cooked, a green salad and walnuts with mustard vinaigrette accompanied by Steak Frites (steak “and” fries to you and me) served with a béarnaise sauce made according to Steak Frites’s secret recipe!

Steak Frites - Serving (Photo Courtesy Steak Frites)

Steak Frites – Serving (Photo Courtesy Steak Frites)

The salad is a rather tasty collection of leaves and there is a generous portion served up on the plate when it arrives at the table, as are the Frites. One thing that I haven’t seen done before at any of the restaurants that I have been to is the replenishing of the salad and Frites (OK, yes you can do this at a carvery), during your meal you can ask for more salad and Frites as and when you want them, there is no problem and shortly after you ask, there they are on the table, brought over by very polite staff with a smile.

The various sauces that are brought to the table just before your meal are really delicious, we had béarnaise sauce, peppercorn, french mustard and the walnuts to add to the salad to give it that extra “crunch”! All the sauces are served in quaint pourers on a wooden platter.

The other lovely option is free top up of cordial! Yep, when you have a drink of cordial with your meal, like the salad and Frites, you can ask to have another glass, again no problem and the staff are very quick in sorting your drink out.

What else could you ask for at Steak Frites?

Well how about a delicious wine, yep they have that as well, the house red is lovely, it isn’t overpowering and has a smooth velvety taste that accompanies the steak to perfection. Obviously, the wine isn’t a free top up, but a bottle is perfect for four people to share.

How do you like your steak?

Personally, I like my steaks medium rare, which gives the steak that slight bloody look and a really tender eating experience, although I have also been known to go for my steak “blue” from time to time. Now when it comes to choosing how your steak is cooked, you can go from blue (which is almost raw with a sealed outer layer) to well done (or cremated as I like to call it), but if you aren’t sure how would like your meat cooked or you just don’t know the different levels of cooking then don’t worry, Steak Frites has a really useful chart for you to see with how the meat is cooked.

The chart is not just an explanation of the cooking of the meat, but it shows you a good image of how your meat will look and the levels of pinkness of the meat, it also shows you where the meat comes from.

The meat is cut into four strips when served and you can instantly see how it has been cooked. I have to say that the steak I had the other night is one of the best that I have had in years, it was so succulent, as soon as I started eating a piece the taste was so delicious, it certainly gave my taste buds a moment of wanting to have a party in my mouth, with each chew of the meat the taste of the meat and its juices just ran across my tongue, with meat like this you don’t just eat it, you savour every moment of its taste in your mouth.

Steak Frites - Bradley (Photo Courtesy Steak Frites)

Steak Frites – Bradley (Photo Courtesy Steak Frites)

Overall thoughts of Steak Frites

I love eating out, but with many places they have become too big, too noisy and you eat your food quickly to vacate the venue as quick as you can to get some peace and quiet, but with Steak Frites that’s not the case, the venue is not huge, it’s a rather smallish place, but with this comes charm and delight as once you walk through the door and are greeted by Bradley, the owner, you know that you are entering somewhere special and delightful, with lovely soft music playing at a non-abusive audibility you feel that it’s time to enjoy the evening, you aren’t pestered by staff asking every three minutes if everything is OK, instead you are treated as if you are not so much, customers, but almost as if you are a few friends popping around for a meal.

So my three reasons to stop by Steak Frites!

  1. Great food that is so delicious you just want more.
  2. The atmosphere is lovely and it makes you feel at ease to enjoy your meal.
  3. Steak Frites is great value for money, you get a nice size steak, you also get Frites, salad and cordial top ups at no extra cost.

With great food, atmosphere and somewhere that is good value for money, I honestly couldn’t fault Steak Frites, my recommendation is, give the place a try, especially if you love a really nice steak. Steak Frites is open Tuesday – Saturday 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm. You can find out more information on the official facebook page for Steak Frites.

Karen Woodham
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