The Llinegar Inn Restaurant Review

So we decided to pop in to the Llinegar Inn at Ffynnongroew for a meeting, as we were there what better opportunity than to grab some food and bring our readers a review of the Restaurant.

Before I start, I would like to say that the Llinegar Inn isn’t just a restaurant it also has nine bedrooms, all with en-suite, a well stocked bar for refreshments and lovely traditional lounge with rather comfortable sofas for you to relax on, while watching the 60″ HD TV.

There is even WiFi for those of us that can’t be without our tech, one of the reasons that we like to have some of our meetings at The Llinegar Inn, anyway I digress, let’s get on to the review in hand.

The Llinegar Inn – Food For Thought

As I mentioned above, we have been to The Llinegar Inn on many occasions for meetings and one thing that we have always said during those meetings is that we should try the food as it smelt and looked so tasty as it was being served.

So as we was there again, it was time to try the meals why we had our meeting.

We are always greeted very nicely by the staff when visiting and this night was no exception, we checked out the menus while having a drink, what a lovely choice of food those menus have as well, sadly a few items weren’t available, such as the lamb and the beef, but hey, that’s an excuse to try those another day.

After putting in our orders, we took to the comfy sofas and had a chat while waiting for our starters, it didn’t take long before we were told that they were nearly ready and that we could take our seats in either the dining area or even have the meals where we were.

We decided to go in to the dinning area, which is lovely and tranquil, with its cottage style, a real looking log fire in the stone fireplace and very comfortable seats with high back for that added comfort.

Dragon Pâté for Starters

What we really liked the sound of for the starters was the Dragon Pâté and when it arrived we were surprised by how much was in the serving, served with two nicely toasted ciabattas, salad, red onion chutney and of course the Dragon Pâté, which was rich in taste with a surprising spicy kick to it.

The Pâté was delicious, added to the ciabatta and then topping off with the red onion chutney was so mouth-watering, it’s not something that I would usually go for, but I do have to say that this was a fantastic starter to start the meal off with.

The salad was fresh and crisp, a nice finish to the spicy Dragon Pâté and the red onions.

Now That’s a main Course!

After the taste sensation of the starters it was time for the main course to come to the table, I fancied gammon, which I haven’t had for a while, you could have either a jacket potato or chips with the it, so I went for the chips.

You  know when you order gammon in most places when you get a large piece of gammon but it’s almost wafer thin, well not at The Llinegar Inn, you get a large piece as almost as big as the plate and it’s really thick, very thick.

Gammon Llinegar Inn

Making a meal even better was the chips, not those frozen chips you get in most places, these were proper chips, just like those ones you may have had a child, chips that are prepared in the kitchen, cut from fresh potatoes and cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and fluffy as a cloud on the inside.

Add a think slice of pineapple, with a nice egg with runny yolk, a side of beef tomatoes and  hiding behind the gammon some rather delicious salad.

It was absolutely delicious, I do have to say that towards the end I could feel that I was getting rather full, thank goodness that I hadn’t eaten all day, this is certainly a hearty meal that will certainly challenge those that are used to eating large meals.

Dessert, Go On Then!

I don’t usually don’t do desserts, but for the sake of trying them, I forced myself to try one from the menu, it wasn’t hard to force myself when I saw the choice I had, but the one thing that stood out to me was Bara Brith with Cream, now I am partial to a bit of Bara Brith, so I just had to give it  try.

Yet again, you don’t get measly servings in the desserts either, served warm the Bara Brith, was delicious, it just melted in my mouth, its delicious taste amplified by the lashings of fresh cream, each mouthful was like a little taste of heaven and was the perfect way to end what had turned out to be not only a successful evening, but also very delicious and I have to good value for money meal.

Overall Thoughts of The Llinegar Inn’s Restaurant

The night we went it was nice and quiet, the staff are really nice and friendly and very helpful, the food was certainly value for money, my starter, main meal, dessert, coke and coffee came to around £23 and it was worth every penny.

Unlike many places you go for a meal these days, it is peaceful, you can enjoy you meal without feeling that you have to hurry to leave, the atmosphere is very relaxing and I would certainly recommend The Llinegar Inn.

Find out more about The Llinegar Inn at their website at

Karen Woodham
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