Cilla The Musical – Theatre Review – Rhyl Pavilion

Last night I had the chance to catch Cilla the Musical at the Rhyl Pavilion, the show that has had a phenomenal success across the UK, a show that I’d heard the buzz about, so I was looking forward seeing the show in our local theatre.

The show takes us back to the 60s when a young girl from Liverpool starts her journey to becoming one of the most loved singers and TV personalities of the modern day. Kara Lilly Hayworth plays the part of Cilla through the years and to say that she is stunning in the role is a slight understatement, right from the start of the show as she takes to the stage under a single spotlight, you just know that this is certainly going to be a show that you’ll remember and one that the audience will be talking about well after its run at the Rhyl Pavilion.

We are taken on a journey with Cilla and her beloved Bobby over the years with some wonderful performance of the songs that many of us, no matter how young or old, remember Cilla for, but its not just Cilla that we are given memories of, Cilla the Musical also brings us the times of The Beatles, before and after Ringo joined the band and other wonderful bands from the swinging sixties.

It’s not a straightforward journey of stardom for Cilla, as there are many rocky moments in her early career, but by the age of 25 she was recognised as an international star and by the age of 30, Cilla had become a favourite entertainer.

Cilla The Musical – Anyone Who Had A Heart

The music for the show is beautifully performed by a wonderful ensemble of cast, the songs are performed with passion, from The Cavern to the Ed Sulivan show, but there is one performance that really stood out for me and by the reaction of the audience, it wasn’t just me, at the end of Act One, one of my favourite songs is performed by Kara Lilly Hayworth and that song is Anyone Who Had A Heart, after Kara’s stellar performance, the audience exploded with applause and whistles, show Kara their appreciation for such a masterful performance.

I really couldn’t fault the performances of the songs throughout Cilla The Musical, it was great to see great renditions of The Beatles’ Twist and Shout, as well as one of my favourite The Mamas and The Papas songs, California Dreamin.

From Liverpool to the US

The journey we were along for at the Rhyl Pavilion Cilla The Musical took us from Liverpool to the US, with sets that were nicely set up between scenes during a brief dimming of lights and new scenes whisking us from here to there and back again, the backdrops on the stage were a treat to take us to places without leaving our seats and something that I’ve not seen for a while in the theatre, is the use of splitting the stage!

As Cilla performed at The London Palladium, the right side of the stage was of the Palladium’s think red velvet curtain and the left was Bobby, his brother and wife, watching the TV back in Liverpool, very nicely done.

Cilla The Musical is a superb show to see on the stage, the emotion of the characters through some of the darker moments in Cilla’s life are very nicely done, as are the comedic moments to lift your spirits, I loved the moments with Cilla’s father (played by Neil MacDonald), which had me chuckling throughout the show.

Kara Lily Hayworth (Cilla) - Cilla The Musical - Liverpool Empire (photo includes previous cast)

Kara Lily Hayworth (Cilla) – Cilla The Musical – Liverpool Empire (photo includes previous cast)

Cilla the Musical is at the Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl until Saturday 25th August. Tickets are on sale NOW!

So Step Inside Love


The superb Cilla The Musical is a show that you really don’t want to miss, it’s a wondrous celebration of Cilla Black, so Step Inside Love and check out the outstanding performance from Kara Lilly Hayworth.

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