The first night of Coast 2 Coast kicked off with a night of comedy thanks to Jongleurs. I arrived at the Big Top and made my way to find out what the plan of action was for the evening.

As I had pit access for the evening, I was keen to find out the rules that had been set aside by the organisers for the photography from the pit. It was the usually with the first 5 minutes of each act for photos and then off to the side to sit back and enjoy the rest of an act’s performance.

Abigoliah Schamaun – Coast 2 Coast Compere

Our compere for the evening was the very funny Abigoliah, she certainly got the audience in the right mood for the night’s entertainment.

Abigoliah has performed at many festivals over the years including, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Glasgow Int. Comedy Festival, Latitude Festival and T in the Park. Her time spent on the circuits doing standup certainly shows in her stage presence.

Abigoliah - Coast 2 Coast

Steve Williams – A Popular Welsh Comedian at Coast 2 Coast

Steve certainly has a great sense of humour when it comes to his act, his skill as a storyteller with a comic twist is a joy to not only listen to but also a joy to watch.

As soon as he took to the stage, I knew that he was going to have me laughing and I was right, he did and all the audience behind me as well.

Steve Williams - Coast 2 Coast

Javier Jarquin – Coast 2 Coast and a Card Ninja

So at first I wasn’t really sure what Javier was going to be doing, was he a magician with a deck of cards, well yes and no. Javier certainly works his magic on the cards, but not as you would expect.

Javier, the card ninja, uses a deck a deck of cards in a different way, he uses them like Shuriken and incorporates into his act to have the cards flying here, there and everywhere, in feats of card defying flight.

Certainly a change from the Abigoliah and Steve’s acts earlier.

Javier Jarquin - Coast 2 Coast

Smug Roberts – Coast 2 Coast

Smug Roberts - Coast 2 Coast

Smug Roberts, known for appearances on the popular TV show Phoenix Nights with Peter Kay and Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Roberts took to the stage, sat down, opened his flask and started his routine. His standup was different again to the previous acts, so we had a range of variety through the 2 hour opening night for Coast 2 Coast.

He was more chatty with the audience that than the last two acts and the audience loved the participation. Suffice o say, lots of laughing was happening during his time on the stage.

Coast 2 Coast – A Great Start

The first night with Jongleurs Comedy was a great start to the Coast 2 Coast event, the big top is a great idea and to have it up in the Rhyl Events Arena looks fantastic.

So that’s the first night of four, the second night will feature Björn Again in the big top, Björn Again is a parody of the Swedish pop group ABBA founded in 1988 in Australia, but now involving multiple touring troupes performing under the Björn Again name.

Look out for photographs and more about day two of Coast 2 Coast here on Blazing Minds.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham