Dick Whittington Delights at Theatr Colwyn thanks to Magic Light Productions

It’s panto time again folks (Oh no it isn’t), Oh yes it is, and this time I headed over to the lovely Theatr Colwyn in Colwyn Bay to see Magic Lights Productions, Dick Whittington.

I caught with Magic Light Productions backstage before the show started to have a quick chat about the show and much more, suffice to say they were all very excited about the evenings show, it was great to be made to feel very welcome by all the wonderful cast at Theatr Colwyn.

This year’s panto, Dick Whittington, featured the brilliant talents of Stuart Loughland as Dotty Dumpling the panto Dame and as per usual Stuart played the part wonderfully throughout the evening, it’s always a joy to watch Stuart perform in the Panto at Theatr Colwyn and this year was no exception.

Libby Edwards brought the “boos” to Dick Whittington as she brought Queen Rat to life with such wonderful evilness that all the audience young and old got into the fun of booing when she came on to the stage, again Libby put on a brilliant performance.

The title role of this year’s pantomime was portrayed by Steve Bloor, his performance of Dick Whittington had me in stitches, especially when he introduced his character and swiftly changed his shout back from the audience to, “hi ya mate”, brilliant.

Dick Whittington’s love interest is played by Rhiannon Petro, I really enjoyed her performance on the stage as Alice Fitzwarren and she certainly brought some extra sparkle to the evening’s show.

I always enjoy the performances from Lukas Kikby and this year’s was no exception, his portrayal of Alice’s father Alderman Fitzwarren was yet again a joy to watch and especially his witty with Dotty Dumpling (Stuart Loughlan).

The Spirit of the Bells is played by the lovely Jay Beadle, Jay brings the magic to his performance and not only from the wonderful make-up and costume as The Spirit of the Bells, but also with some magic tricks that bring the wonder of Panto to life even more.

Let’s not forget Otto (played by Steven Owen) the cunning little sidekick of Queen Rat, Steven had me in giggles during the evenings performance, as soon as he started speaking in a panto rat style of way, I knew I was going to love watching him in Dick Whittington.

There’s More Than Panto in Dick Whittington

One of the many things that I love about the Pantomimes from Magic Light Productions is the section of the show that is the puppets and unlike other shows that have puppets, Magic Light Productions do something a little different, they have puppets in an ultraviolet light. This year they put on another magical looking puppet performance with fish swimming in the sea, sharks and lots more to entertain all ages that are attending the show. Always a joy to watch.

What also brings the pantomimes to life are the sets and there are plenty in Dick Whittington, they are many locations used throughout the panto and they are all nicely designed and look panto, with the exaggerated designs to the pure and simple to take us on that journey from London to Iceland!

Dick Whittington is a joy to watch and Magic Light Productions have yet again brought us a pantomime that feels very much like the pantomimes that I used to see as a kid and it certainly suits Theatr Colwyn, the feeling of stepping back to being a child in a lovely theatre with a show that doesn’t go over the top and brings smiles to everyone’s faces is, for me, the moment when you say, “now I feel like Christmas has finally arrived“.

Theatr Colwyn Front View Night time

Dick Whittington is on at Theatr Colwyn until the 5th January 2019, tickets are available from the website https://theatrcolwyn.co.uk or by calling the Box Office on 01492 87200.

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Theatr Colwyn puts on some wonderful traditional pantomimes and this year is no exception as Magic Light Productions have brought us another delightfully magical with Dick Whittington.

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