I am a writer and a person of many words however I do not believe it is possible to accurately capture the true spirit of Festival No. 6 without experiencing it for yourself.

There can be no doubt that this year’s festival was affected by the weather but it would be a travesty if this was allowed to overshadow all of the things that were right about it and the natural beauty of Portmeirion.

Festival No. 6 provides something for everyone with a variety of headline acts from Kaiser Chiefs and Bastille to Hot Chip and Super Furry Animals. The atmosphere as Noel Gallagher introduced Paul Weller to the stage was electric and the beautiful David Bowie tribute was strangely emotional whether you were a Bowie fan or not.
Away from the main stage were an eclectic mix of acts to suit every taste. With poetry readings in the Central Piazza, folk music in the woods and the opportunity for new artists to perform against the stunning backdrop of the estuary.

Festival No. 6 – Relaxed and Magical

In addition to the entertainment, Festival No. 6 provided an interesting insight into our human nature. At the start of the weekend, the atmosphere was relaxed and almost magical with everyone wanting to be your friend. There was a real sense of camaraderie, with one very simple shared goal – to have the best weekend imaginable. As the weather and conditions worsened, so did people’s spirits. By Monday morning, with everyone desperate to rescue their cars and escape the car park it was easy to believe some festivals goers would happily eat you if it guaranteed their own survival. The human survival instinct was clearly on display at its very worst at times.

There were, however, examples of complete selflessness and generosity, particularly from the locals who provided shelter, food and blankets to those stranded overnight regardless of the disruption being caused to their own lives.

This festival had it all; great music, culture, food, scenery and the best and worst of human nature.

Yes, it rained. Yes, it was muddy. And yes, undoubtedly the organisers have made some huge errors of judgement and have some serious lessons to learn but overall, Festival No. 6 is quite simply special. I for one hope it comes back better and stronger next year and I’ll be seeing you.

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Written by Gemma Green