Hit Girl #1 – Comic Book Review (Contains Spoilers)

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Title – Hit Girl #1
Creative Team – Mark Millar (W) Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (A) Amy Reeder (C.A)
Publisher – Image Comics
Release Date – 21st February 2018

Once more Mark Millar puts the cherished ass kicking school girl into print with a new story, again titled ‘Hit Girl’ (how does he come up with these). Millar brings new art talent in the form of Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. Together they deliver quite a limp read for this debut issue of a new story.

It’s been almost 6 years since we’ve seen Mindy McCready¬†pick up her weapons and dish out some punishment. Yet this story (so far) shoots and misses wide of the goal that made us love the character. She now feels lonely and comes across as weak. Certainly not the girl we knew.

Get ready for a few flashbacks, and past plot holes now filled with loose fitting explanations. Hit Girl no longer has Dave Lizewski as her partner in crime fighting but is searching for a replacement, someone tough enough to don the suit and patrol the streets.

Another issue with a read time less than 10mins, and art painful to view. Identifying certain characters in large panels feels like a game of Where’s Wally. With quick sketching, over coloured panels, and super bad expressions, this issue is quite off-putting, but at least those covers are damn nice.

If you read the new Kick-Ass released last week (if you didn’t, I don’t blame you), you’ll agree it doesn’t take a genius to see both Kick-Ass and Hit Girl need new partners, and both having solo stories will undoubtedly unite the two. If only Millar was nice enough to save us some money and launch them both inside the same comic book at the same time and the same price, we’d be super happy nerds.

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Shauny Johnson

Shauny Johnson

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