More Guest Announcements for Sci-Fi Weekender 2018

As many of you that read Blazing Minds will know how much we love the annual Sci-Fi Weekender, we’ve been doing the event since it first moved to Hafan Y Mor in Pwllheli, North Wales, we’ve been bringing you exclusive news, photos and more since then, so we are pleased to bring you some great news for this year event that takes place next month.

Along with the amazing guests that will be at the 9th event, the team over at the SFW Camp have let us know about the latest editions to the list of guests that will be heading to Pwllheli in March.

One of the latest guest announcements is fantastic for horror fans everywhere as Emily Booth – the UK’s Mistress of Horror heads to SFW9.

Emily Booth Heads to Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9

Emily Booth Heads to Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9

Described as “one of the iconic women of horror” and the “queen of screams” actress, presenter and all-round cult-movie buff Emily Booth has been scaring the hell out of her fans ever since she burst on the screen in the title role of the demonic, iconic Pervirella, whilst still a film student at Goldsmith University. Emily will be making her debut at SFW this year, spilling the beans on her blood-spattered career – from video game reviewer to cult movie heroine – and bringing exclusive footage of her forthcoming film – the OTT British Horror Comedy “Shed of the Dead”.

Emily, who used to be an animal rights campaigner and keep rats as pets, had harboured ambitions to play the violin but once the acting bug kicked in there was no turning back. Pervirella brought her to the attention of producers at Channel 4 who recruited her to help write and co-present the popular computer game review show Bits for four series until the show ended in 2001.

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More presenting work followed – including segments on The Big Breakfast, and guest appearances on Banzai and Eurotrash. She teamed back up with Pervirella director Alex Chandon in 2000 on horror movie Cradle of Fear, in which she gives birth to a demon’s mutant baby. She also starred as the Princess in the visually stunning short film Inferno which won critical acclaim (including a BAFTA nomination for the best short film in 2001).

Her love of B-movies landed her the role of Eden presenting the cult movie clip show outTHERE for Channel 5 and Bravo. She then presented a spin-off from this series, Shock Movie Massacre, again for Bravo. For this globe-trotting series, Emily not only presented but interviewed the likes of Dario Argento, Tinto Brass and Lloyd Kauffman.

Emily’s cult status and solid fan base led to director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) asking her to appear in his fake trailer ‘Don’t’ for the legendary Quentin Tarantino film Grindhouse. Other film roles include a lead role in Jake West’s Evil Aliens and the part of “The Snipper” in Jake West’s hit horror-comedy flick Doghouse (2009) as well as cameos in The Reverend (2011), Inbred (2011) and After Death (2012).

Emily was the face of the Horror Channel, In her role as Horror Channel front person she Booth regularly reports from horror festivals around the UK; she has a particularly strong relationship with Frightfest having presented there since 2007. Also presenting all the film premieres and special events as well as producing her own TV specials. She has contributed to many documentaries such as Channel 4’s 100 Scariest Moments and The Perfect Scary Movie.

Emily stretched her wings once more when she wrote, produced and starred in her own short film SELKIE which premiered at Frightfest in 2014 to much acclaim.
Emily has now taken on a big role for the Horror press writing blogs and columns for Bizarre magazine, Scream and Horror Channel.

Her most recent project is an acting role in the forthcoming horror comedy Shed of Dead, co-starring Ewen Mackintosh of The Office fame and Lauren Socha (Misfits) as well as horror giants Michael Berryman, Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley.

Sci-Fi Weekender “Alien Autopsy”!

Another guest announcement is, filmmaker and magician Spyros Melaris who created an illusion of global significance. His mission was to create something so unusual, so disturbing that it would rock the world… and make millions for Ray Santilli. ‘The Alien Autopsy‘ film was not just a hoax. It challenged belief systems. It asked;

“Do Aliens exist, and are they visiting our planet?”

Spyros Melaris heads to Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9

Spyros Melaris heads to Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9

Purportedly shot at Roswell after the 1947 saucer crash – it fooled NASA, Kodak and every expert who had a say in the subject including leading pathologists both in the U.S. and here in the UK. The film maintained its integrity for 15 years until Melaris and his crew revealed the truth. Melaris has prepared slides, film and inside secrets – and he will answer all questions and shine a light on just how he and his team created the greatest hoax of all time.

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Te Sci-Fi Weekender team have told us, “We’re privileged, and extremely excited, to bring you one of Spyros’ extremely rare and truly fascinating talks – right before he embarks on a US tour. A recent exclusive audience at the Magic Circle HQ captivated his audience, and he’ll be spilling the beans at SFW on this, perhaps the most Iconic (and controversial) piece of UFO folklore.

SFW9 takes place at Camp SFW, Pwllheli, North Wales, UK on 22nd – 25th March 2018.

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