Jack Reacher Tom Cruise Takes On The Baddies

So it was Boxing Day and it was time for a Tom Cruise movie, last year it was Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and this year round it’s Jack Reacher.

Now before I start I do have to mention that I’ve not read the Lee Child books, so I’m not overly sure of a comparison of the character from book to film, though I have heard that the character of Jack Reacher is a lot taller in the books than Tim Cruise, but whose going to complain about that, well maybe the die-hard fans of the books.

Jack Reacher - Tom Crusie

So I went in to see Jack Reacher as a complete newbie to the character and hadn’t a clue what to expect, all I knew about the film was from the trailer and from what people had told me about the books, though I may have to checkout the books to add a comparison to the Jack Reacher character and to the storyline of the movie.

Basically Jack Reacher is a “ghost” he’s a man who doesn’t want to be found unless he wants people to find him.

After a shooting at a riverside, the gun man doesn’t say a word but only writes a message during his interrogation “Get Me Jack Reacher” and so the investigation gets on its way on finding why the shooting occurred.

Jack Reacher Blazing Minds Film Review

Now the film isn’t an action packed on and it is pretty slow going, except for a pretty good car chase with a great sound from the roaring engine on the surround system in the cinema, a few fight scenes and a some rather nice dry humour from Jack Reacher.

There’s not really that much going on in the film it’s a good crime thriller and was a good film to watch, I really enjoyed it, even though we’ve probably seen films very similar to Jack Reacher and being one that hasn’t read the books, I can’t really give you a comparison.


But I dare say there are stacks of you out there that will let me know what the comparison of the book to film, after all, we must use the comments section for something don’t we 😉

Jack Reacher is an enjoyable film, a little predictable in parts, but it was a good film to watch even though my only issue is it’s a 12A, so you get those adolescent boys, texting on their phones and mucking about because they lose interest in anything that may have to make them use their brains!

Overall Thoughts For Jack Reacher

Not a bad crime thriller, slightly predictable, Tom Cruise is quite good as Jack Reacher, though for some reason I kept thinking “Ethan Hunt”. If you fancy seeing something that is a little more down to earth and not a film full special effects and you like Tom Cruise then go see Jack Reacher.

Apollo Rhyl Film Reviewer Rating 3

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