I first learnt of Leo’s Hide when I met lead singer Joe and I would like to say we became good friends, although I don’t get to see him that much these days. So when Joe told me about an EP that they were releasing I jumped at the chance of reviewing it.

Although I have to admit it’s taken me longer than I would have liked to review the EP by Leo’s Hide, mainly down to a massive amount of time constraints and the amount of work I’ve had on lately, busy life being an online journalist ūüėČ

Anyway, today I’ve had chance to sit down and re-listen to the EP and give it my full attention, I’ve played it in the car a few times on my iPod, but you don’t get the full grasp of tracks until you can sit down with a powerful amp and speakers.

Leo's Hide

OK let’s got on with this review then.

Leo’s Hide EP by Leo’s Hide [Music Review]

Right from the very start of the EP you know that Leo’s Hide have a distinctive sound and this is great these days in a world of bands that have terrible way of sounding like each other.

Right from the start of the track title Storms you pick up on Joe’s distinctive vocals and the amazing sound that the band have, bringing you a sound that you won’t hear from other bands and with Storms it’s a superb track to open a EP with, it’s one that has your foot tapping from the start, brilliant vocals, great guitar work and percussion that all work extremely well with each other.

Now I have heard another version that Joe sent me of Ashes To Ashes, but this version on the EP title Ashes To Ashes¬†is so nicely done, Ashes To Ashes has always been a¬†favorite¬†of mine and the version on¬†the EP is great, again Joe is so distinctive with his vocals and the rest of the band have produced yet another track that just keeps you singing along with the track, let’s not forget the lyrics as well, they tell a brilliant story that is best heard in only the way that Leo’s Hide can do it.

The last track on the EP, All We Have Left, is yet again another very nicely done track,¬†poignant¬†lyrics with an amazing work together of the band producing a well polished and enjoyable track to finish the EP, the only problem is that when the track finishes you want more from Leo’s Hide and wish that it wasn’t an EP but a full album.

The Leo’s Hide EP is a fantastic release in a world of electronic music, auto-tuning and people who just clearly have no talent, Leo’s Hide are none of these they are talented, well produced and a joy to listen to from start to finish.

You can download the EP from Leo’s Hide at BandCamp, you can also find them on Facebook.


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