Review Of Drift The New EP From In Darklight

Now most of you will know that I have reviewed In Darklight before here on my blog with their album Dying To Confess and the previous In Darklight EP and I have given the guys great reviews, so when they sent me a preview copy of their new EP titled, “Drift”. So I added it to my iTunes and my iPod and got to giving it a load of listens to give it a review it deserves.

Now I was hoping to get the review out sooner, actually I wanted to get the review out on the day the Drift EP was released, but sadly due to time constraints and the amount of work I’ve been doing I couldn’t, so hopefully this review will make up for being a little late, I dare say the lads will forgive me ūüėČ

Drift Front Cover

So where do I start for the review of the Drift EP, well I suppose I better give you a quick introduction to In Darklight as some of you may have missed my previous reviews and introductions to them.

In Darklight are Ben Sellers – vocals, bass, Ross Archer – guitar and Louis Sellers – drums, vocals, samples.

The guys have been going since around 2004 and over the years their music has become¬†extremely¬†polished and enjoyable to listen to over the years and I’ve come to enjoy their music even more, since I was first introduced to them ¬†some time back.

But don’t think just because I am a fan that this review of the new single will be biased,¬†because¬†it won’t be, I like to review everything with a fresh outlook and even if I do know a band/artist I will give it my full attention, you can see that when I reviewed my good mate Thomas Nicholas when he performed at Central Station.

In Darklight

OK, lets get on to the review shall we ūüėČ

Starting with with the title track, Drift is a track that I’ve come to enjoy with In Darklight, a hard track with vocals that are a joy of¬†harmony¬†among the rocking guitar work and drums that are superbly produced without being over loud and taking over. With some pretty amazing breaks during the track, it gives a whole lot of promise to the new EP and says to you, “You’re going to love the other tracks, we know you are”

You Don’t Know is ¬†another track that just can’t be faltered and it has lyrics that flow through the track extremely well and it’s one of those tracks that once you have heard it, your singing to it and when the chorus comes in you are singing your lungs out, suffice to say You Don’t Know is so damn catchy, again the guys have an extremely well polished and produced track and this is only track 2!

On to the third track The Unknown, starting with a brilliant blast of guitar and drums and them pulling in the vocals, bringing the track out that little bit further in the audio delights that is In Darklight. Great guitar work and some nice touches with the touch of some samples of reversed guitars, yes they do work amazingly. Yet again the lads have produced a track that is a pure joy to listen to, I have to admit this is one of my favorite tracks.

Feel The Rush and by this time I was, is the fourth track on the EP, starting with a great guitar and drum intro, by this track you are rocking out to the max and the track slows down, but that’s not a bad thing, you need to come down a little after the previous tracks. But as the track progresses you get that “rush” back and you get¬†engulfed¬†by those tell-tale sign of the In Darklight vocals, brilliant.

Finishing the Drift Ep is Something Real, a track that takes you by surprise, for the last four tracks your been air drumming our running around with your air guitar, singing you heart out and your adrenalin pumping ten time to the dozen, then you are treated to a gorgeous acoustic guitar and haunting lyrics that we can all relate to. Bringing in percussion to the track completes it with delight and joy, Something Real could be an awesome track for a Christmas number one and personally I  think it should be.

So there you have it, an in depth review of Drift EP by In Darklight, so as you can see by my review I loved it, I can’t fault it, the lads have made another release a sheer joy to listen to and show that they have a talent that most don’t have.

But don’t take my word for it, grab a copy for yourself and enjoy it, I know you will, go on…

Find Out More About In DarkLight

You can follow In Darklight on Twitter, @InDarkLight, visit their official In Darklight website¬†and on Facebook. You can download the Drift EP from iTunes, [amazon_link id=”B00AIKWGI6″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link]¬†and Spotify.

Photo credit © photography and artwork design by Adelle Kness. Used with kind permission from In Darklight.

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