We’ve Landed at SFW9 for Sci-Fi Weekender 2018

We’ve arrived at SFW9! It’s hard to think that it’s been a year since I was last at SFW, but that may be down to being here for the HRH Awards back in November, so it seems like I’ve never left.

The journey over to Geekcamp was a good one with no issues with the roadworks on the A55, so arriving at 11:30am on Thursday morning we heading over to grab our lanyards, wristbands and accommodation keys, decamped all the gear in the caravan and then headed for a recon of the areas and grabbed that first Starbucks of the day.

This year we have been granted free WiFi, which means more beer money for the weekend, it was a little niggle to connect up to at first, but after checking with the tech guy at reception, it appears that was because I was connecting up via remembered settings from my last visit. But once connected the WiFi worked a charm at the Main Void etc, although it has been a little erratic in the caravan, but hey, it’s free, we can’t complain.

Author David J Howe introduces what's on at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9

Author David J Howe introduces what’s on at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9

Thursday is always the chill day to get ready for the Friday and the busy schedule, we were given an introduction to the event from David and Johnny, before the event started, there was a great talk with Spindles from Wonky Spanner about podcasting, followed by the quiz which was hosted by Adam, who many will know as The Joker.

Although there was some whining about the quiz, I really enjoyed it and the “feed the duck” at the end of the quiz was bonkers, there were a few weekenders trying to feed the duck on the stage by throwing bread at it, many may have had a few drinks, which made it even more comical. The quiz was also bombed by The Dark Room’s John Robertson, with a huge cheer from the audience, he went on to mention the Flamboyant Potatoes.

The quiz was followed by live gaming on the big screen, followed by music from EZXP with some video game Anthem rock, followed by DJ – Lastknight.

A great first day and night to SFW9 and now the busy schedule and excitement starts when we will be kicking off at the Main Void with the Opening Ceremony, guests Ian Whyte, Emily Booth, Ken Stott and many more.

So stay tuned to the various Blazing Minds social media accounts for updates from Sci-Fi Weekender through today, well as many as we can squeeze in with the schedule.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham