So there I was covering a Straight Jacket Legends gig when I first heard MC Lars live, most recently I got to meet him again, this time at a Wheatus gig in Holyhead that I was covering.

After the show, I spoke to MC Lars and had a little chat with him about the earlier gig I’d reviewed and he handed me his “The Edgar Allan Poe EP” to listen to, which I have listened to since that night in Holyhead.

Suffice to say my intention has been to bring you guys a review of the EP and although it has taken me longer than expected, now is the time for the review.

The Edgar Allan Poe EP by MC Lars

MC Lars - PoeNow as from the title of the EP you will have gathered that it is based around the 19th century, American author, poet, editor and literary critic. MC Lars has taken parts of Poe’s life and some of his poems and brought them to life in the form of post-punk rap!

But don’t let the sound of “post-punk rap” put you off, this EP is done with the passion of someone who loves the work of Poe and being a fan of Edgar Allan Poe myself, I can hear this in the music of the eleven tracks that spread across the EP.

Starting with the orchestral sounding “Flow Like Poe” which introduces you to the man himself and to Lars, the EP moves on to “The Tell Tale <3” which for me has to be one of my favourite stories from Poe, one which actually introduced me to his work in the first place.

The EP moves along at a great pace, which each track bringing you closer to the world of Edgar Allan Poe, the likes of “Lenore” which is a great track and story has you waiting in anticipation for the next track and so on and so forth.

The EP even features “The Raven” a track that always seems to find its way to being played a bit on my iPod during the day and night and a brilliant track that when MC Lars has performed it live, the audience has always been completely taken over by the track.

One thing that does appeal to me with this EP, and I did mention it earlier, is that I do love the works of Poe and having something like this EP, not only keeps Poe’s name alive, but it also brings him to the attention of the younger fans of MC Lars, who may never have heard of Edgar Allan Poe.

For this I salute you Lars, poets that wrote with so much passion need to have their works kept alive and by creating an EP like this, you have certainly got a lot more fans of his dark works.

Overall The Edgar Allan Poe EP, is a brilliant piece of work, each track can be listened over and over again without skipping from one to another.

My recommendation is check out the EP and give it a damn good listen. You can find MC Lars on Twitter, Facebook, Official website and on BandCamp.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham