So last Christmas we had the delights of Aardman Animation’s Arthur Christmas, this year we have another animated 3D movie in time for Christmas with DreamWorks Rise Of The Guardians.

Most of you may have seen the trailers for the film with Jack Frost (Chris Pine), Santa, The Easter Bunny, Sandman and the Tooth Fairy and the idea of them being guardians for the children.

So I’d been looking forward to seeing Rise Of The Guardians for a while and I am a big fan of CGI movies and it being in 3D was a bonus.

Rise of the Guardians
Rise Of The Guardians Blazing Minds Film Review

Pitch Black (Jude Law) wants to beat the Guardians and make the children stop believing in them, but it’s down to the guardians to defeat him.

Now I have to say that it’s not very often that I can sit watching a film and 95% is spent with a big smile on my face and 5% with a slight tear in my eye, but Rise Of The Guardians is one of those films.

Right from the start of the film it had that feel good factor, the CGI is of a high standard and even though the film is really based around Easter it has that Christmas feel to it.

I loved the way the Guardians are portrayed such as a Russian Santa (Alec Baldwin) or North as he is called in the film, an Australian Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), there are those jokes that adults and older kids will get such as a great parody of Crocodile Dundee, keep a look out for that one.

Rise of the Guardians Blazing Minds Film Review

For me Rise Of The Guardians is a real feel good movie and I really enjoyed it, I loved Arthur Christmas last year, but I enjoyed this so much better, it’s fast paced, funny, emotional and great for adults and kids.

Yes you can see it in 2D or 3D, as with all 3D releases I review those and the 3D in Rise Of The Guardians is nicely done, it had a good feel of depth and worked really well with the CGI.

Overall Thoughts For Rise Of The Guardians

It’s a great movie to see this time of year, if you loved Arthur Christmas last year, then you’ll probably enjoy this just as much, if not more.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham