OK so the title of this article is the first line of the song “Let It Snow” and to be honest, I’d rather it would snow than what we are currently getting here in Wales, article updated with news and photos of the floods in St Asaph and Rhuddlan today.

Some of you may have seen the battering that the UK has recently been having and the terrible floods that have caused so much havoc around the country and destroying people’s lives as water has rushed down streets in to their houses and shops.

I’m sitting here now listening to the strong, gale force, winds lifting tiles on the roof and the sound of the rain smashing against the windows, it’s rather unnerving to say the least.

But here on the North Wales coast we are no stranger to floods and back in 1990 we were hit with one of the worst floods that we could have ever had with the sea defenses giving way to the sea and allowing it rush across the land.

Winters do seem to be getting worse over the recent years and living in an area that is classed as a flood risk is very unnerving, which leads to the worry of it all happening again.

Even though the sea defenses have been vastly improved to stop it happening again, you can’t help thinking that the water will come from another direction, such as the hills behind us.

The flooding has been so bad down the coast towards Conwy/Banger that last week the main motorway that runs through North Wales, the A55, was flooded so badly that it had to be closed , causing drivers to be stranded and those in work left with no way of travelling home.

St Asaph Hit By Flood, 500 Homes Evacuated

So during the early hours, after I had drafted up this article, the news came in this morning of St Asaph being hit with a flood as the River Elwy broke its banks and caused mayhem with the residents.

500 Homes were told to vacate as the water from the river rolled across roads and through houses, leaving people in a situation that they probably thought they would never be in.

My thoughts are with the residents of St Asaph, anything that people can do to help them in their moment of need is appreciated, I’ll update the article with further news of any charity events etc that may be set up to help.

Rhuddlan Gets Hit By Flooding!

So after typing in the above that was going to be it, but then news came in of Rhuddlan having problems as the water raced down the river from St Asaph, so I grabbed my trusty camera and got out to see if I could get some photos. Upon arrival the police had closed the bridge in to Rhuddlan, which was used in the film On The Buses, so I took the long way round.

Rhuddlan Bridge (Castle View)

Rhuddlan - Floods - On The Buses Bridge

It was a frightening sight seeing all the water racing by and under the bridge and the bridge was closed all due to safety reasons as there was a fear that the power of the water could damage the bridge as traffic was crossing over it

Rhuddlan Bridge Floods

Rhuddlan - Floods - On The Buses Bridge 2

The water was very close to the top of the dyke that has been in place for many years and even though the fields were flooded, it seemed that the river taking over control and could have possibly broken over the top of the dyke at some time.

Rhuddlan Flood – Heading Towards Table Table and KFC

Rhuddlan - Floods - On The Buses Bridge 3

As time went on the river began to run faster and you could hear the sound of it crashing in to the bridge and making its way through the only archway that was not submersed under water.

Even the view from Rhuddlan Castle was very strange, as I stood in the Castle grounds looking across the fields upon the devastation that the power of the water was causing and at one point, I caught the glimpse of the tragedy up the road in St Asaph, where houses had been ripped through with the water and in the water in front of me a child’s teddy bear once bobbing up and down in the swirl of the water and in its continuing journey from a house in St Asaph to the wide open sea in Rhyl.

Rhuddlan Castle – Water Enters The Old Moat During The Floods

Rhuddlan - Castle View

It’s all terrible for everyone who has lost their possessions in St Asaph and the damaged caused will cost a fortune, later in the night the water rose again and made its way to the Table Table and KFC just on the other side of the Bridge in Rhuddlan

Our Hearts and Thoughts Go Out To Everyone Involved in the St Asaph and Rhuddlan Floods

I really didn’t know how to end this article, originally in the draft I had written advice, but that pales in comparison to how everyone is feeling in the area at the moment, so I’ll end with a simple heart-felt wish to everyone in this terrible incident and hopefully the community will pull together, like we did in Towyn in 1990 when we had floods ourselves.

Thanks to Brian for asking to use one of my pictures in his post “Areas Of Vale Of Clwyd Flooded – Help and Advice”

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham