SciFi Wales and the tale of the Chocolate TARDIS and more!

So Saturday saw the third, yes third, SciFi Wales and the Blazing Minds team headed over to Venue Cymru in Llandudno for a day of geeking out, being nerds, listening to Q&As and setting on a quest to get a Chocolate TARDIS signed by several Doctor Who cast members.

We got to Venue Cymru at around 9 am and met up with the organiser, Rob Dyer, to sort out the running schedule for the day, there were plenty of Q&As to enjoy, photo opportunities for the people to get photos done with their favourite celebs that were attending the day and of course the traders that filled the main hall at Venue Cymru.

SciFi Wales 2017-0027

Those of you that have been reading Blazing Minds for a while will remember when we covered the very first SciFi Wales and that moment when Red Dwarf’s Kryten, Robert Llewellyn, signed a to scale Kryten head made of chocolate to raffle off for charity, this year Barravellis had created a stunning TARDIS for the raffle.

As with the first year, I stepped in and said, “there are cast members of Doctor Who here, let’s get them to sign it“, how I get myself into these things I’ll never now.

It was time for my quest to see if Sophie Aldred, Gareth David Lloyd, Rosie Jones, Jake Dudman and the lovely Simon Fisher Becker would sign the TARDIS, suffice to say, there was no need to worry, everyone was so accommodating in signing the TARDIS that would be raising movie for the RSPB.

SciFi Wales 3 – Great Guests and Q&As

This year’s SciFi Wales was yet again packed with amazing guests from the world of TV and Film, this year not only saw a fantastic collection of Doctor Who guests but also from various other movies and shows such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Red Dwarf and also from the world of comics for the first time at SciFi Wales was Viz comic co-founder, Simon Donald.

SciFi Wales 2017-0066

The days Q&As were also very well put together and as usual, Stuart Bannerman chaired the Q&As with his unique style which we have all come to enjoy since the very first SciFi Wales, the Q&As are always a joy to be at, with many of them being filled up, you have to be quick to get in for a good seat at the front, but thanks to a good sound system, you’re always sure that you’re not going to miss a word.

If there is a video presentation etc for the Q&As the never fear as there is a huge screen behind the panel so that everyone can see what is happening, even those right at the back of the Q&A hall.

There was also a special announcement at the Doctor Who Q&A as Jake Dudman, after being coaxed by a Dalek, announced that he will be working with Big Finish on some great Doctor Who box sets in the near future, great news for Doctor Who fans.

Cosplay SciFi Wales Style

SciFi Wales 2017-0152

This year’s cosplay featured some amazing outfits and with so many signing up for the Cosplay competition it was down to the three judges to pick the winners from the various categories, no easy task to be sure, but they picked out some great winners from the day.

SciFi Wales 2017-0094

So another SciFi Wales came to an end, it’s been a brilliant one this year, a big thanks must go to Rob Dyer and all his team for putting on another great event and for inviting Blazing Minds over to the Llandudno, it was great to catch up with my good friends Andy Fairhurst, A.S. Chambers and Baravelli’s Artisan Chocolatiers. It was also lovely to have a catch up with Gareth David Lloyd, Sophie Aldred and Simon Fisher Becker.

Karen Woodham
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