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3D Films We Are Excited To See This Year

Many of you that read Blazing Minds may know how I love 3D films and this year sees a great collection of movies in Cinemas that are being released in eye-popping RealD 3D.

Carrie Fisher, known to many Star Wars fans as Princess Leia, Dies at 60

Here at Blazing Minds we now official hate 2016, so many have been lost this year and the news is just in that Carrie Fisher has also now passed away at the young age

Super Star Wars fan to giveaway “priceless” autograph book to benefit disability charity

Star Wars is on everyone’s minds at the moment, with the release of Rogue One blasting away in UK Cinemas and fans loving the movie and reminiscing about the original trilogy of

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 3D IMAX Review

Director Gareth Edwards takes the helm for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and brings us a Star Wars not seen since 1977! I love Star Wars, I really do, it’s hard to

RealD 3D – Rogue One 3D Glasses Giveaway

It’s all the buzz at the moment, the excitement for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is spreading across the world with fans counting down the days, hours, minutes and

Cineworld Broughton and the Star Wars Mannequin Challenge

It’s a craze that seems to be sweeping the internet and Cineworld Broughton got involved last night as they got together people from the area to take part in their very own

Kick Ass Crates – October Movie Crate! – Review

It’s always a nice surprise when the postman knocks on the door with a parcel, this time the delivery from Kick Ass Crates and it was right up my street with a

Tie Fighter Pilot Helmet from Star Wars: A New Hope to be Auctioned in the UK

An incredibly rare Imperial TIE fighter pilot helmet from Star Wars: A New Hope, and subsequently used in the hit sequel Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, is to be made available

Timeless Franchises that Are Still Growing in Popularity

Some things are so timeless that they never go out of style, like mullets and moustaches… right? Well, the fickle world of fashion might discard trends more quickly than the Golden Snitch,

Wales Comic Con Guests for April 2016

The announcements for the this years Wales Comic Con guests for April are starting to be announced. The event will be taking place from April 23-24 and will be held, as each year,

Star Wars Fan with Rare Cancer Got to See The Force Awakens

We’re not just about the movie and theatre reviews, the latest news on new releases and the giveaways here at Blazing Minds, we also like to share some other news as well. Recently

Will Harrison Ford be Replaced as Indiana Jones?

Since the announcement of the cast of Star Wars and the return of many actors reprising their roles, fans of Harrison Ford and the Indiana Jones franchise have been asking the big question recently.