If you’ve read Blazing Minds lately you will have seen the post I did about a new web series called Twisted Showcase, now the first episode has been out, it’s time to let you know my thoughts on Episode 1 Peter and Paul staring Torchwood actor Gareth David Lloyd.

Twisted Showcase – Episode 1 Peter And Paul

Now I knew from the start after seeing the preview trailer for Twisted Showcase that the episodes were going to be a bit weird and bizarre, but to be honest, that’s the thing that really grabbed my attention to start off with.

So here we are with Episode 1 Peter and Paul, a rather strange start to the series with Gareth David Lloyd sitting in his flat when the phone begins to ring, but hang on, it’s not the phone, it’s his hand!!! See I told you it was strange.

What we have now is a conversion between Peter and Paul via the “hand phone”, it had me gripped and it was so nice to see something so unusual and strangely funny (that could be my mad sense of humour) that I’ve now watched the Episode several times, credit where credit is due, this is some really freaky stuff and this is just episode 1!

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the episodes in the series and if their half as good as this one then bring them on NOW!!!

Episode 1 Peter and Paul

Cast and Crew

Paul — Gareth David Lloyd
Peter — Gareth David Lloyd
Jessica- Beth Mascarenhas

Director — Leigh A. Jones
Story by Richard Holland
Screenplay by Richard Holland & Robin Bell
Edited by Leigh A. Jones
Camera Operator- Rhys Jones
Makeup — Beth Mascarenhas

Music – Spaceships Over Deeside

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