If you are a reader of Blazing Minds and follow us over the many Social Networks and even get updates via your RSS reader you will have heard me mention The Ventura Project before, most recently during the Wheatus gig at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead that we covered.

The Ventura Project - Novopangaea

So I was over the moon when I received a message from Joey Slater letting me know that their new album, Novopangaea, was due out and that they wanted me to check out, how could I refuse!

The Ventura Project is a transatlantic indie-pop duo based in Brooklyn, NY and Milton Keynes, England. We write and record songs by sending the tracks back and forth via the internet. It’s not conventional, but it works.

The band consists of Joey Slater and Matthew Milligan, as I mentioned earlier, I met Joey and Matthew in Holyhead last year, during the Wheatus tour and they were brilliant performing to a great crowd of Wheatus fans.

Matthew and Joey - The Ventura Project

The Ventura Project – Novopangaea – Album Review

The new album from Joey and Matthew is an album that is certainly worth taking the time to listen to the 10 tracks, each song shows the talents that Joey and Matthew each bring in to The Ventura Project, from the amazing acoustics to the electronic sound that subtly comes through to you while listening.

Novopangaea (a possible future supercontinent) is the second and it has a rich full sound throughout the album, vocals are nicely mixed as are the instruments.

I have to say that Novopangaea is certainly an album that I have played over and over again since getting a copy and it’s one of those albums that really doesn’t lose it listening appeal with each play, if anything it’s very much like a good wine.

The Ventura Project have released the album to download at a cost of your choice, even FREE, but my personal point of view, is that you should give whatever you can to download this brilliant album.

You can download Novopangaea from the official The Ventura Project Website at www.theventuraproject.com, you can also find them on Twitter, Facebook and Reverbnation, check them out and support Indie Artists.

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