Wales Comic Con 2014 Part 2 – An Early Christmas For Con Fans

It was Wales Comic Con on Sunday at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, what you missed it, where were you? and how the heck did you miss this one? Never mind Blazing Minds stopped by to check out the second Wales Comic Con of the year, yes the second one as the last one was in April, what you missed that as well!!!

So this time we were doing our Comic Con duties for the event that was affectionately known as “WCC2014Part2“, we actually traveled over to Wrexham, with a great friend and supporter of Blazing Minds, non other than the Mean Guard from Guardians of the Galaxy, Spencer Wilding.

We arrived in Wrexham to the site of hundreds of Comic Con fans queuing up and waiting patiently for their tickets to enter the sports hall and to meet and greet some of their favourite guests from the world of Comic Books, films, TV, authors and wrestlers!

I dropped Spencer off and we went on our merry ways to get sorted for the day’s event, he popped off to the “Green Room” to get sorted to meet his fans and sign those film pictures of his characters from the movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghost Rider 2 and Doctor Who.

Walking to the main entrance to get my press pass, I passed the queues for the tickets and it was amazing to see so many people making the effort to make their cosplay costumes, many from the world of film, comic books and probably more Doctor Who’s than you could shake a sonic screwdriver at, it’s just great to see the thought, time and heart that goes in to the work that they put in to them.

Wales Comic Con Pt2-5

So in I went, with eyes burning in the back of my head as I skipped past all the people standing and waiting, to get my pass, simple enough to pick up and sort out, then it was time to go back out and over to the main hall for the day’s event to start.

As with the previous Wales Comic Con events, the main hall is where the majority of the people go, around the inside edge of the, rather large, sports hall were the posters for the guests, including Anthony Head (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dominion), some of the cast from Red Dwarf, Gareth David-Loyd (Torchwood), Eve Myles (Torchwood), Mark Addy (Atlantis, Game of Thrones) and many more, in the centre and spreading out were the merchandise stalls and authors such as the lovely Sam Stone and David J. Howe, author Raven Dane, next to them was another friend of Gareth Wiles.

It does amaze me the distance people travel for on of these events, people do not just travel from the UK, they travel from all over the world to attend the Wales Comic Con, which only goes to show the popularity that the event held at Glyndwr University has built since it first started and how far people are willing to travel to take part in and meet the celebs to talk to and get autographs from.

Wales Comic Con Pt2 - Simon Fisher-Becker

I remember my first Comic Con, I was amazed by the celebs there and how many you could meet and greet, but nowadays, it is a little different, for me it’s a chance to bring you a little article with some photos and during an event, get to meet up with friends such as Sam Stone, Gareth Wiles and others for a chat and to see how their careers are doing, this time I actually finally got to have a good chat with Simon Fisher-Becker (Tony Fazackerly in PUPPY LOVE and Dorium Maldovar in DOCTOR WHO) about other events and how tiring some of the events can be, such a lovely man and I do hope to catch up with again sooner or later for a more in-depth chat.

Wales Comic Con 2014 Part 2 – The Slide Show

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Suffice to say Wales Comic Con 2014 Part 2 was another fun event with so much going on and everyone seems to have enjoyed the day, organiser Jaime Milner is already looking to next years event which will probably be held in April.

Congratulations to Jaime and all the team for putting on yet another fantastic event.

Karen Woodham
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