Now here at Blazing Minds we know how much you all love our reviews, so we thought we would expand on them with some Tech and Gadget reviews, so how about some DJ equipment for those parties you may be throwing!

Auna Amp-EQ-Sing Karaoke PA Hifi Amplifier 400W System

Auna Amp EQ Sing

We all like to do it from time to time and show off our singing talents, I’m talking about Karaoke, that time when we howl like a banshee to our captive audience, but to do this we need a little bit of tech to help us on our way, usually a couple of microphones, a sound source and some Hi Fi Speakers.

But if you are a professional singer, such as someone who performs at venues etc, then you sometimes also need a small piece of kit that is powerful enough to produce enough volume to be heard and small enough to not take up much room in your car or small tour van!

So with the Auna Amp weighing in at only 2.9kg and only 22 x 9 x 28cm in size and packing 400w output, it certainly packs a punch for the home, parties and nightclub events that you may be doing as part of your job.

Connecting Up The Equipment

So after checking out the manual, I found that the Amp was really easy to hook up and start using, there are 2 x 6.3 mm jack, microphone input (front), 2 x RCA stereo line input, 1 x 3.5mm mini-jack auxiliary input (front), 2 x set of screw terminals for speaker connections, so plugging in your audio is a breeze.

Auna EQ Sing (rear View)

Hooking up everything to the amp is really easy and with the types of connections you can connect up anything from your audio equipment as most audio equipment these days uses the types of connections that are on the back of the EQ Sing Amp.

Many of us still use vinyl for mixing and many of us still and players to play them on and these record players will also connect up to the amp, which is great, I actually plugged up mine to give the kit a test and it worked great.

The sound quality of this small, but versatile, piece of tech is great. With an overall strong build and sound quality that is really good, the Auna Amp-EQ-Sing is certainly good value for money and it’s not overly priced.

An ideal piece of kit for fun and professional use.

I have to say that HiFi Tower have some pretty cool stuff, but if you are looking for the coolest party speakers, then they are certainly worth checking out.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham