BassBoomz Small On Size, Massive On Sound [Review]

I love it when a parcel arrives at the door and it’s something really cool for me to review and my most recent delivery was a BassBoomz Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

So I quickly unpacked the parcel and grabbed my camera for some shots of the Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which you will be able to see further down in this review.

The BassBoomz is a tiny bit of kit, measuring only 6.7cm in height when it’s open, 5.2cm when in the closed position and only 5.5cm wide, but don’t let this small size deceive you as the BassBoomz packs a punch when it comes to playing your sound source through it.

BassBoomz Small On Size, Massive On Sound

Now before I start, let me just mention that the BassBoomz is not wireless Bluetooth only, it can also be used with the supplied 3.5mm audio cable to plug in your iPod or other MP3 players or any other sound source that you would like to play though it.

Using the BassBoomz is really easy, so easy in fact that you’ll have it up and running in no time at all, you simply charge the BassBoomz with the USB cable supplied, you can charge it through your computer or even a USB adapter, I plugged mine in to my iPhone adapter.

Charging will take around 1.5 hours, after charging the charge light will go off and you’re ready to get your music playing.

Playing Music Through The BassBoomz

OK them, probably the really easiest way is to plug the audio cable into your device and then to the BassBoomz, make sure the volume on your device is set to medium then turn on the BassBoomz, then press play, yep it’s that simple when using the audio cable.

If you would like to play your music from your iPhone, for example, then simply turn on the BassBoomz and then switch on the Bluetooth on your device, search for devices and when you find “BassBoomz”, connect to it, then play your music and yes it is that simple again.

Small Powerful Sound

Now to be honest, my first response after seeing the size of the BassBoomz was that I wasn’t sure it would give the quality that would be worth listening to, oh how wrong was I.

The sound quality of the BassBoomz is crystal clear with the treble sounding great and the bass from the tiny unit is also very nice, it’s not too much and it’s not too little, it’s all balanced nicely, of cause changing your equalizer on your sound source also makes a difference.

But it is surprising that such a tiny bit of kit can produce such an amazing sound quality and even though it runs at 3W it still is loud enough to have with you to listen to your music without headphone or earbuds.

Overall Thoughts For The Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The size of the BassBoomz is misleading, the small unit which will fit in your bag or coat pocket is full of punch and power, with its range of colours and its versatility, the BassBoomz is certainly one of those gadgets that not only look great but also performs at a very high standard.

If you are fed up with those headphones or earbuds, that may be uncomfortable, then this wonderful gadget is certainly something you should consider.

Check out the website at for even more choice on colours etc.

Images by Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham