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Total Recall Full Length Trailer Gives You Even More

So it’s the buzz around the internet at the moment with Total Recall listed in the current trend on Twitter and this is all down to the release of the official full

Hit and Miss On Sky Atlantic – Review

Sky Drama brought us a new intriguing series last night in the form of “Hit and Miss” from Paul Abbott, the man who brought us Shameless. Starting with Mia (Chloë Sevigny) gunning

David Bolton Performed HypnoMagic Live @ApolloCinemas Rhyl – Review

So last night was the night that I had tweeted, facebooked and generally shouted about from the roof tops, the night when David Bolton would be performing live on stage at The Apollo

David Bolton Live at @ApolloCinemas Rhyl For One Night Only!!

Hey folks, as you may have read the post title, this is the announcement of a special one night only show with David Bolton the hypnotist featured on Ant and Dec‘s Saturday Takeaway, he will

Twisted Showcase – Episode 2 Eyeball – Review

I recently posted up my review of the first episode of @TwistedShowcase titled Peter and Paul, recently I was lucky to get a chance to see a preview of Episode 2 titled

Whitney Houston Dead At 48 – Confirmation From Her Publicist

Whitney Houston Dead At 48 – Confirmation From Her Publicist The Twittersphere was certainly buzzing this morning with tweets saying that Whitney Houston had died and probably like most people I thought

Star Wars In 3D – Got My 3D Pod Racing Glasses And My Preview Tickets!

Star Wars in 3D is the buzz racing around the internet at the moment, it was trending on Twitter only the other day and it also seems that lots and lots of

Top Artists, Albums And Track Scrobbles On Last FM Of 2011

Ok I promise that this is going to be the last “Top List” post that I do for updates from last year, but as a lot of you who read Blazing Minds

Celebrate Christmas With The Apollo Cinemas Winter Weekend

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate and have a little fun before the big day arrives. This weekend it’s all happening at my local Apollo Cinema in Rhyl

Strictly Come Dancing Final To Be Shown in 3D!

So have you heard, the final Strictly Come Dancing will be broadcast live on the 17th in 3D on BBC HD and also in selected cinemas across the country and yes my

Album Review – The Electronic Wonders of ‘Hectic Zeniths’

Being given the chance to review something new by an artist I haven’t heard of before is an honour for me here on Blazing Minds and recently I’ve had the chance to

Apollo Cinema Rhyl, The Local Cinema Loved By Movie Fans

Those of you that have read my blog often will have seen the collection of movie reviews that I have recently been posting, with the most recent movies all been viewed at