It Was ‘Chocks Away’ in the Spacious Diner – Review

Today was the day that I popped into the Chocks Away Diner for a review of the venue.

I armed up my TomTom and headed over to Chester to the diner that is situated right next to Hawarden Airport where they have the Airbus 360.

Chocks Away was easy to find and when I arrived and parked the car, I was greeted with the view of an old plane and the large panoramic view of the airport where private jets were taking off and landing, suffice to say I couldn’t resist tweeting out a photo.

After entering Chocks Away and being greeted by head chef James, we went in to the larger area for a chat about the diner and a little history about James’ work before Chocks Away.

James’ culinary experience has come from time working in France, Austria, USA and aboard private yachts. He initially began his career in the Michelin starred restaurant ‘The Arkle’ at the Chester Grosvenor Hotel, before heading south to work at the prestigious Savoy and Berkeley Hotels in London and then overseas.

Missing home, he returned to the UK to take the Head Chef position at the Frogg Manor Hotel in Cheshire, which holds a strong reputation in the Good Food Guide. James joined Chocks Away with the intention of establishing a busy, high-end diner & a bespoke outside catering service.

Now I wasn’t sure what the diner would be like, such as the size of the seating areas, but I was totally surprised by the size, its huge!

James has worked at some amazing places over the years and his passion for Chocks Away certainly came across as I was talking to him, although the diner was going to be part of a terminal, which sadly fell through, it is superb as an independent venture, the diner itself is a crisp, clean and very spacious place, which would work perfectly for venues for many occasions.

I can just see how the diner could be used for business seminars, group meeting for perhaps local charities etc and more.

Chocks Away Time For Some Food

After our chat and a rather delicious latte, James asked me if I would like to try the food, how could I refuse, the smell that was enticing my senses from the kitchen was like an invisible entity saying, “go on, you know you want to taste our culinary delights”.

James asked what I would like, so I asked him to surprise me with his talents and wow did he surprise me, after little while he returned to my table with some very special and my taste-buds were screaming over time for me to dig in and was it worth digging in.

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Each mouthful was a taste delight, with the taste of the ingredients working beautifully with one another, served with some skinny chips to not overpower the meal, it was certainly worth asking James too, “surprise me”.

Chocks Away Delicious Meal

“open” Spanish style omelette with chicken, chorizo, paprika and Mediterranean veg, with fresh rocket and parmesan and skinny fries.

How could this delicious meal be topped or finished, well, putting it simply with a desert and one of my favourites a lemon cheesecake with a serving of fresh fruit.

Each spoonful was a melt in the mouth sensation, the cheesecake just melted over my tongue and was absolutely delicious, I have never tasted a cheesecake that was not only full of flavour but also had such a wonderfully soft and fluffy texture, the raspberries added to the taste of the lemon and finished it perfectly.

Chocks Away - The king of cheesecakes

Lemon Cheesecake served with fresh cream and raspberries.

Now I do hope dear readers that I’m not making you drool too much reading the above, but believe me when I say, I have never tasted anything so fresh and delicious as the main meal and the desert than I have at Chocks Away.

Chocks Away Time To Fly

Although the diner is on the grounds of the airport, many wouldn’t think that it is open to the public, but it is, don’t be put off that you have to go through the security gates to get to the diner, it’s all worth it in the end, the staff are very polite, the Chocks Away Diner is clean, bright and cheerful and as you have read above the food is delicious. With the food being prepared in the kitchens and only using fresh ingredients, Chocks Away is a must visit and I personally will recommend it here on Blazing Minds.

So if you are passing or would like to try somewhere a little different or even if you would like to have your works party there, give the Chocks Away Diner a try.

You can find out more about Chocks Away on their website, and on Twitter, @chocksaway1.

Food Glorious Food


A great place to not only have a meal but also ideal for meetings and parties.

Karen Woodham
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