This year’s pantomime at the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre could only be described as magical as J.M. Barrie’s classic, Peter Pan flew into the Rhyl Pavilion to charm children of all ages.

The story of the boy who never grew up and his swashbuckling life with pirates, trips to lagoons with mermaids and his band of merry lost boys in the far off land of Neverland.

With some amazing special effects to help tell the story from the rooftops of London to the mermaid lagoon. Peter Pan is certainly a story that we may all know and it was lovely to see this year’s pantomime at Rhyl take on a show that has characters that we all love and hate.

Peter Pan Scene Stealer Captain Hook Shocks with Delight

Captain is a character that we all love to hate and this year’s pantomime sees Mark Little (Neighbours, The Flying Doctors) take on a role that we all like to boo at the top of our voices and Mark has brought the character to live in Peter Pan.

His performance is fantastic as he produces the loveable villain, his style of acting for the character was a sheer joy to watch and so very different from those in Neighbours, which is maybe something he can’t get away from, especially when fellow pirates sing, “Sabres everyone need good sabres” to him, priceless.

Mark also plays the part of Mr Darling, a character so very different from Captain Hook and a part that Mark does so well playing a very different role from Hook, so much so you think you are watching to separate actors playing the parts.

Juliet Cadzow (Balamory, River City) plays Mrs Darling, the loving mother of Wendy, Peter and Michael, she plays the character very well, she also plays the part of the mermaid with a rather good musical number to enjoy later in the show.

Avast Me Hearties

There be pirates in Neverland and these pirates are all dancing, singing and acrobatic. One of the pirates that we all remember from the many incarnations of J.M. Barrie’s wonderful story is Mr Smee, this time played by Sean Jones.

Sean certainly brings a comedic side to the story of Peter Pan, with his one-liners, comical poses and a performance that certainly has them laughing in the aisles.

This is Sean’s fifth panto at the Rhyl Pavilion and he certainly loves returning to the theatre to perform, we loved him in last year’s Cinderella and who could forget his stellar performance in Blood Brothers.

Who Would Believe a Boy Could Fly

The show is complete with musical numbers, comedy, wonderful special effects and an amazing cast. But one thing every version of Peter Pan needs is a boy who can fly and in this year’s pantomime the audience will be wowed by the flying that is accomplished in Peter Pan.

Let’s just say that Peter Pan doesn’t just fly around the stage area, he actually flies further than you could possibly imagine, the kids will be breathless as Peter takes to the skies and shows the magic of Christmas Pantomime time.

Peter Pan runs until Saturday 7th January, with loads of matinees and tickets are £9 – £17 with special group rates so call the Box Office on 01745 33 00 00 to book your tickets now or book online at

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham