Two stranded travellers find themselves at the mercy of a mad doctor and his eccentric guests in this send-up of science fiction films and sexual mores.

It was a special night at the Scala Cinema in Prestatyn as the fantastic Rocky Horror Show was beamed live to a packed cinema and what an experience it was. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Rocky Horror, Christopher Luscombe has created a new production for a year-long tour of the UK.

I’ve been a big fan of the movie of The Rocky Horror Picture Show since I first saw it in the mid 80s and the one thing that I have always wanted to do was to see the stage play of Rocky Horror.

With the chance of seeing the show live at the Scala Cinema how could I miss out on such a fantastic opportunity and to see it with the superb David Bedella as Frank ‘n’ Furter live on the stage direct to the cinema screen.

The stage was set, excuse the pun, for an exciting and laughter filled night as the Scala Cinema had a sell out evening for the show, lots of fans arrived in costume including Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia and of course Frank ‘n’ Furter.

Rocky Horror Live Scala Prestatyn

With everyone settled in their seats, Mel Giedroyc took to the screen to chat about the show and then to finally introduce the evening’s entertainment. The audience, not only at the theatre where the show but also those in the Scala, went wild as the title tune was performed, this was indeed going to be a fantastic evening.

And the Rocky Horror was now live.

Rocky Horror Audience Participation

One thing that really stood out with the live performance was the audience participation, now I had heard about all this, but to actually hear it happening, add so much more to the fun of what is a brilliant show anyway.

People who have never heard of the participation will think it’s just heckling, but no, there is in fact a script for those that want to join in with the Rocky Horror, the great thing about all this is that the performers do join back in with the shouting.

Rocky Horror Live

The live show is a fantastic show and it was great to see everyone was having fun, with many in the Scala standing up and dancing the Time Warp as well as joining in with the songs that almost everyone in the cinema knew word for word.

The cast of Rocky Horror Live were superb, David Bedella is just perfect as Fran ‘n’ Furter and certainly brings the character to life, specially with those risqué bed scenes with both Janet and then Brad, particularly with Brad when he was finding it so hard to stop from laughing during Bedella’s stellar performance.

It was also great to see Stephen Fry as one of the Narrators during the evening and fending off the audience in try Fry style, joining Stephen Fry as Narrator for the night was Ade Edmonson, Mel , Giedroyc, Emma Bunton, Anthony Head and of course Richard O’Brien.

What a superb evening, my recommendation is that if you get to see Rocky Horror Live at a theatre near you then go see it, the show is going on tour from the 18th December, so no doubt there may be a theatre near you that will be hosting the show.

Overall an amazing and entertaining night, but let’s not forget that this show was done in aid of Amnesty International and that there was also a serious side of the evening’s entertainment.

Remember … Don’t Dream It, Be It.

UPDATE: Some amazing news just in the cinema showing of Rocky Horror Live took £600,000 at the UK box offices, which only goes to show how we all love the show, now if only they would release a DVD/Blu-ray of the show from the 17th, imagine how that would do. Help to get the show on DVD by signing the petition to get Rocky Horror Live on DVD, it would make the perfect Christmas present.

Great news folks, we have just been informed (18/10) that the live show that was broadcast to cinemas, will be shown on television via Sky Arts on the following dates, 31 Oct at 21:00, 2 Nov at 23:00 and 5 Nov at 21:00. So if you did miss the live show, make a note of these dates, Sky Arts is available on Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk TV.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham