Sci-Fi Weekender 6 – Sci-Fi and Papa Johns

So yesterday I posted a fair bit about Sci-Fi Weekender 6 (SFW6) and even posted up a fair few pictures on the Flickr page, don’t worry there will be a slideshow of those later in this post if you missed them.

Today I thought we could go through the Saturday evening on the Sci-Fi Weekender, which is where I almost got up to yesterday and a few other bits about the weekend and the challenges I had to over come during a great weekend of unadulterated geek-fest.

This year’s weekender was an unusual one for me as I was doing the photography of the event myself, a challenge in itself for time constraints, I felt confident in the gig photography that I would be doing.

Over the last twelve months since the last Sci-Fi Weekender, I’ve covered many events and gigs, mainly outside gigs with bright lighting to photograph with, but armed with my trusty 50mm 1.8 lens I went in to the weekender with confidence and lots of encouragement from friends near and far.

And I have to say, I love the photos that I took during the three days, special the Darth Elvis ones, I hope that they come across showing how awesome the live events were during a great Sci-Fi festival.

Photographing and writing is time-consuming and although it is tiring, it was the biggest fun I’ve had in a long time, what I love about these events is the amazing people who attend them and many I have now been able to call great friends and they have all been great supporters of myself and the website.

OK … Before I get too emotional thinking about you all, let’s get on to the Saturday of the Sci-Fi Weekender, I’ve already mentioned Darth Elvis, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred in yesterdays article, on Saturday evening at 8PM the Cosplay Finals kicked off and ever year I’ve been amazed by the effort that goes in to the costumes that people make for the event.

This year we had a Lego Batman, a group for Mad Max Thunderdome, characters from Futurama and the triumphant winners of this years Cosplay Ball, The Burtons which was the characters from the Corpse Bride and Edward Scissor Hands, fantastic and a well deserved win, with possible one of the longest “woooo’s” from the audience in SFW history.

Futurama Cosplay at Sci-Fi Weekender 6

Futurama Cosplay at Sci-Fi Weekender 6 (Photo ©2015 Karen Woodham)


Following on was the brilliant Festival of the Spoken Nerd and then probably the best geek party in the five galaxies with Interplanetary Division.

For me though, the weekend was really catching up with me, so it was a trip over to the Spaceport and time for something to eat from Papa John’s and slouch time in the VIP area while watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

Then back over to the Main Void, to meet up with Spindles an Emma from The Wonky Spanner, we all ended the weekender with a rather cosy corner in the VIP section back in the Spaceport and watching the fantastic Galaxy Quest, now how cool is it to watch this movie with fellow geeks, “We love you guy”, just brilliant, what a fantastic end to a weekend that has yet again given us another weekend in March to remember and to look forward to next years SFW7.

Sci-Fi Weekender 6 Blazing Minds Slideshow

The following slideshow has the Sci-Fi Weekender photos taken by myself from the weekends event, I will be adding more to it as I upload them, so please remember to pop back from time to time. I do hope you enjoy all the photographs.

So I have to end this 2 part piece by saying a massive thank you to all my amazing friends from this weekend, you know who you are and to all those new friends I’ve made and will see next year, last but by no means least, a massive thank you to Claire, Neil, Terri and Fleur for another weekend that has had me laughing, crying (Robert Rankin talking about the late Sir Terry Pratchett) and running around taking photos and chatting.

Thanks everyone and I’ll see you next year for more Sci-Fi Weekender geeking out.

Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds, an avid blogger and photographer. She is also a Cinema reviewer, based at the Scala in Prestatyn and at the many Cineworld screens, where she reviews the latest movies, she has also had several articles published in various publications. In 2015 she became an Award Winning Blogger and also has her website listed as one of the UKs Top 10 Film Blogs.
Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham