Sci-Fi Weekender finds a new home and SFW-X becomes Two!

A short while ago, we brought you the sad news that Sci-Fi Weekender would be leaving its venue at Pwllheli, but today we have the news of the new venue or should that be venues that SFW-X will be heading to in 2019 when one becomes two!

The team have been very busy over the last few months looking for the new location and today we are the news that everyone has been waiting for with any move requires numerous decisions to be made and we have had to consider very carefully location, quality, facilities, management attitude, local governing bodies and layout. This is why it has taken so long for the team to visit 14 sites within the UK – it has not been easy to find a great site for their customers who could commit to a long-term relationship.

This has been a long and complicated process, involving extensive meetings with everyone on the sites we’ve considered who has an impact on the SFW experience. We are the largest of our kind in Europe and we want to make sure you get the highest delivery on all fronts.

The biggest challenge the team faced was date availability, they had confirmed a lot of talent who are flying in from around the globe and for obvious reasons, they did not want to change our initial line-up.

After visiting many sites one particular resort stood out as 5 Stars on all fronts. In fact, it is actually a 5 Star Holiday Park Resort, with a team who can really deliver and with some extra facilities which we feel can only enhance this Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventure.

Sound good so far?

One obstacle, unfortunately, was the date.

However, the SFW team has now concluded their negotiations and are pleased to confirm they have committed to a new Camp SFW for many years to come.

All will be explained below.

What’s the plan for SFW X: 2019?

It is the tenth anniversary and the SFW team want to celebrate this in the appropriate SFW fashion. So with all the above issues in mind, this is what they have decided to do to make this year the most memorable to date!

We are going to:

Up the VALUE!
Up the TALENT!

And hopefully, make 2019 a year to remember.

Want to be part of the biggest SFW party ever? Then join us for SFW X – Not once – but TWICE!

Yes – you’ve read that right!

To resolve the ‘date’ challenge there will now be having two events! SFW X: Part I and SFW X: Part II.

How will this work?

SFW X: Part II will take place in our new site at the 5 Star Holiday Park ­– Vauxhall, Great Yarmouth, which is operated by Park Dean, who have 71 sites within the UK.

This one is special …

Part II will kick off on Thursday 31st October 2019 until Sunday 3rd November 2019. This date change is a ‘one-off’ and SFW will revert back to the usual period, in March for 2020, at the new resort.

You can expect the full-blown Geek Camp experience, including the SFW Awards, with a new premier tranche of entertainment and frolics to make it worthy of this fantastic new destination as well as make SFW X: Part II as exciting as SFW X: Part I.

What about SFW X: Part I?

SFW X: Part I will be held on the original dates at the 02 Academy, Sheffield on Friday 29th March and Saturday 30th March with the original headliners advertised for these dates as well as the special entertainment we have grown accustomed to at SFW.

It’s sure to be a very special weekend indeed!

What about my previous booking?

All passes and accommodation bookings will be transferred and honoured to the new site in October. Chic have even managed to pick up 28 extra high-quality units giving them even more accommodation to offer for next year!

However, as a ‘thank you’ and bonus, from the heart, everyone will receive a free weekend pass to see all the original acts to SFW X: Part I in Sheffield based on what they booked for SFW X originally (Royalty, VIP or Classic). You are a Royalty Customer so are entitled to a Royalty weekend Pass.

Its double the fun, double the entertainment and hopefully something everyone will really embrace!

But that is not all we are offering …

Likewise, Chic know a lot of you support their live events with their sister brands at HRH, so just to make it more ludicrous they would like to offer folks passes to one of the following events free of charge for you and your party. If it’s not your thing – then they are happy for you to use this with friends or family or as a nice present for someone you know will love it. Your call: we’re just sharing the love.

Choose from …

HRH Blues
HRH Prog
HRH Metal
HRH Road Trip Ibiza

What happens now?

SFW: Part II tickets and accommodation will be transferred automatically under your original booking. No need to do anything!

For SFW: Part I – go to Royalty Customers Private Link below

Click the link below where you can see all costs will be set to zero. Once your booking is complete you will receive a confirmation email. To claim your free passes to your choice of HRH Live event – reply to the confirmation email with your choice and we will then send over your private link to book the passes free of charge.

SFW X: Part I weekend passes are priced between £110 / £140 per person for the weekend depending on what grade you previously booked. However, in this scenario, they are free to you and your party, as are the live tickets above, which in some cases are the same price too!

If you are not local or live close to the area, we have managed to get some heavily discounted hotel rooms exclusively for Royalty customers priced at as little as 85 GBP per person for 2 nights including Bed and Breakfast at the Jury’s Hotel. These are on a first come first served basis, however with over 3500 people coming for Part I, it might be wise to grab it quickly as we think they will be gone within the next 24 / 36 hours of release. You’ve been notified first as a Royalty customer.

Karen Woodham
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