Sci-Fi Weekender heads to a new venue for SFW-X 2019

Those of you that have been regular visitors to Blazing Minds over the years will have seen the coverage that we have for the Sci-Fi Weekender or SFW as it has become known over the last few years. Blazing Minds has been covering the event since it first moved from Prestatyn, North Wales to Pwllheli, North Wales for SFW 4 back in 2013.

News recently hit the Official Facebook group that the event wouldn’t be returning to Pwllheli in 2019 for the 10th-anniversary event, SFW-X. You can imagine that many people that attend the event were feeling a little confused on what was happening at the Hafan y Mor site in Pwllheli.

Blazing Minds have been in touch with the team behind the event, Chic Festivals, and are pleased to bring you the latest news on the event that is sadly leaving Pwllheli, but is still going ahead at a new, as of yet, unknown location, but still staying in gorgeous North Wales.

Why is Sci-Fi Weekender Leaving Hafan y Mor in Pwllheli?

Over time building and parks need to improve and expand and Haven have informed Chic Festivals that they intend to start extensive building and refurbishment at the Hafan site in Pwllheli from the summer season up until Spring 2019, with the work that will be going on this will affect the facilities available on site and for use by Sci-Fi Weekender.

As with past Sci-Fi Weekender events the Spring 2019 event is Sold Out, so is imperative that a new venue, capable of putting on the biggest Sci-Fi Festival in Europe.

What about other events such as HRH in November?

Other events from Chic Festivals that take place at Pwllheli are the HRH (Hard Rock Hell) events, we’ve been to a couple of these and last year we were honoured to be asked to the first ever HRH Awards, for those that have got tickets etc for the events planned for November 2018, there is no need to worry, as these will be going ahead as planned.

HRH Metal - Metal Meltdown

What’s Next?

We’ve been told by the team at Chic that they are currently working with Haven amongst others and that they have various location to look at over the next few weeks.

Here at Blazing Minds, we are looking forward to finding out where the new location will be and to heading over to it in 2019 to bring you all even more Sci-Fi fun from one of our favourite events in the UK.

So keep your eyes peeled here on Blazing Minds and we’ll be bringing you updates on the news from Chic and we’ll let you all know as soon as we do about the new home for SciFi Weekender and the place we will be celebrating 10 years of SFW.

UPDATE 28/9/18

Since posting the news about the venue change for SFW-X, a new venue has been announced for Sci-Fi Weekender 2019.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham