Seaside Soul Brings The Best Music to Rhyl

Ray Lewis brings his style of Soul music to Rhyl at Seaside Pride

It’s been an amazing day as Soul music came to Rhyl in the form of a free event called Seaside Soul to the outdoor Rhyl Events Arena.

The event which I’ve been looking forward to for a while was various artists including, Midnight Soul Sisters, Ray Lewis, The Real Thing and Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, suffice to say the day’s entertainment was certainly full of soul.

After fighting my way through the traffic along the North Wales coast road, I made it to Rhyl and headed to the Blazing Minds green room, to get sorted and organised for the day’s performances, sadly I missed getting shots of Midnight Soul Sisters, but from what I could hear in our green room, their performance was certainly getting everyone into the mood for some seaside soul music.

While in the green room, I briefly met Ray Lewis (one of the former members of The Drifters), what a lovely guy, so I was really looking to seeing, hearing and photographing him in the Rhyl Events Arena.

Seaside Soul at the Rhyl Events Arena

I have to say that Ray put on a fantastic performance during Seaside Soul, his voice is brilliant and he certainly has a presence on the stage as he performed to an ever growing audience, as soon as he started singing, more people turned up to listen to him.

Ray Lews at Seaside Soul - Rhyl Events Arena (photo ©2016 Karen Woodham/Blazing Minds)

If you ever get the chance to see Ray Lewis perform then go see him. He is an outstanding performer.

Feel The Force at Seaside Soul

After a short break, it was time for the next act and this was The Real Thing and everyone could “Feel The Force” as they took to the stage to their set piece, by now the audience had got a lot bigger and everyone was certainly in the mood for the seaside soul music that was blasting out of the speakers in the Rhyl Events Arena.

The Real Thing at Seaside Soul - Rhyl Events Arena (photo ©2016 Karen Woodham/Blazing Minds)

What can I say but another brilliant performance, The Real Thing showed Rhyl what they could do and what the town can enjoy in the Events Arena.

The Real Thing at Seaside Soul - Rhyl Events Arena (photo ©2016 Karen Woodham/Blazing Minds)

Jimmy James Closes Seaside Soul

Another short break and then the headlining act took to the stage, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds brought the day’s soul music extravaganza to an end, yet another stellar performance on the stage.

Jimmy James and the Vagabonds at Seaside Soul - Rhyl Events Arena (photo ©2016 Karen Woodham/Blazing Minds)

Not only has the crowd been enjoying seaside soul, but the acts had thoroughly been enjoying the day as well, you could see this as they were having so much fun on the stage. Seaside soul was certainly an event that, in my personal point of view, we need more of.

Jimmy James and the Vagabonds at Seaside Soul - Rhyl Events Arena (photo ©2016 Karen Woodham/Blazing Minds)

So the day came to an end, the crowds slowly left, with a few popping to the “beer bus” on the way out to grab that last minute drink, the bands packed up their gear and said their farewells, I popped back to the Blazing Minds green room, had a quick chat with Ray Lewis before he left to travel to his next gig and then sat back and chilled for a little while.

Seaside Soul, Rhyl Has a Taste For Soul Music

After the day’s event, it goes to show that there can be some great events put on at the Rhyl Events Arena and Seaside Soul was no exception, the chosen bands to perform were fantastic, crowds were loving the free event and everyone was having lots of fun.

I would like to say a massive thank you to the organisers of the event for allowing Blazing Minds coverage and Access All Areas to yet another event, plus a big thank you must go out to the performers at Seaside Soul who have shown the town that Soul music is here to stay.

Now I would like to say to the organiser, can we have more events like Seaside Soul at the Rhyl Events Arena next year.

Was you at Seaside Soul in Rhyl over the weekend? Let us know what your favourite moment was from the day.

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Seaside Soul at Rhyl Events Arena, North Wales
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