Yes folks we are talking Alice in Wonderland here, but with something a little special as Blazing Minds took a trip down The Rabbit Hole in Llandudno, a new café that has opened that takes you through the looking-glass!

So the other day Blazing Minds was kindly invited to pop along to the “soft” opening of the new café in Llandudno, how could we refuse such a kind offer to check out a new local business.

The Rabbit Hole sources its ingredients all from local producers etc, it offers vegan and gluten-free meals to its customers and believe me those meals are delicious. We had the chance to taste test a few of the products upon our arrival .

After finding the new establishment I went down the slope to the entrance, upon walking in I was greeted by Jerome and giving a little tour of the place, suffice to say it is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside and is decorated in a way that makes it look so bright, cheerful and somewhere that you really want to enjoy being.

The Rabbit Hole_7

So after a nice chat and tour, I sat down with a rather lovely latte, many thanks to the girls behind the counter for making it so lovely, then it was time to have some rather nice food brought to the table for a lovely taste testing session.

A selection of different savouries was brought to the table on a slate plate with a starter of claw fish, the question was, where to start first!

The Rabbit Hole_17

Starting with the claw fish which came with a slice of lemon which added to the  rather delicious spicy taste of the dish which worked together to produce a taste that was not only complemented by the spice and herbs but the lemon finished off the overall excitement of the dish. There are also the options of various dips and sauces that you can add to the dish for more tastes sensations.

Now as I am a big fan of mushrooms, I really couldn’t resist the mushroom, courgette, onion and pepper toast which had a lovely soft melt on the your tongue taste from the mushrooms with a wonderful crunch from the toast. The peppers certainly worked well with the purred mushrooms, adding a lovely texture, spice and a hint of fun colour to the gorgeous topping.

Another favourite of mine is cheese, oh boy was I getting spoilt today, with cheese and cranberry on toast that had a gorgeous cheese taste with the underlying rich cranberry sauce which accompanied each other perfectly. Again this was another one that just melted in my mouth with a taste explosion from the combined ingredients.

Moving on to the next item, which was some rather dainty small Quiche’s. The small Quiche were  perfect little packages the broccoli and cheese Quiche’s are served warm. Giving them a lovely light texture and that were so light and fluffy in their individual wrapped in a casing, these Quiche’s were amazing and such a lovely taste.

The Rabbit Hole_15

To finish off the platter was gluten-free tomato bread. Its vibrant colour really stood out on the black slate that it was served on. It has a lovely tang of the tomato in each bite as it crumbles on the tip of your tongue. Gluten free food is a little different from other foods and is usually quite dry, but I do have to say that this was lovely.

Feeling rather full, my next surprise was the deserts arrived with a lovely description of each cake described to myself by the Rabbit Hole chef.

The Rabbit Hole_18

Oooo cakes. How could you not have cake at The Rabbit Hole! With a choice of gluten-free and vegan free cakes, you are really spoilt for choice. From chocolate cake to coconut cake, they are all mouth-watering and delicious, each one is lovingly made to be the perfect end to a meal or even to go with your delicious drink.

The Rabbit Hole_14

And finally all washed down with a rather delicious latte that was served with a rather cute rabbit biscuit.

So the big question, is The Rabbit Hole worth a visit?

The staff in the Rabbit Hole are lovely and polite, willing to help and explain the drinks and menus to you, also letting you know which of the foods that are available are gluten-free, suitable for vegans and if they have nuts in or not.

The Rabbit Hole has a wonderful atmosphere and being down below street level it is like entering in to the world of Alice with its clock wall paper and general feel of the fantasy world.

You can either sit at the tables near the kitchen or in the wonderful lounge with its rather comfy sofa and walls decorated with book wallpaper, very much like being in a library, very relaxing and the perfect place to utilise their FREE WiFi to catch up on your social media or just surf the net for a while.

Simply, yes. I really can’t fault it, it has a lovely atmosphere, the food and coffee is delicious and it is very hood value for money. If you want somewhere lovely to relax and enjoy with your friends or even for those meetings. I would highly recommended The Rabbit Hole

If you would like to find out more about The Rabbit Hole you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, they are located in Llandudno at 3-4 Trinity Square. Stop by and check them out.

Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds. She is also a Cinema reviewer, based at the Scala in Prestatyn and also works with RealD 3D reviewing the latest 3D releases, she has also had several articles published in various publications. In 2015 she became an Award Winning Blogger and also has her website listed as one of the UK's Top 10 Film Blogs.
Karen Woodham