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Comic Book: Black Opus Vol 1 [Review]

Before you say it, yes I do read comic books or graphic novels as I like to call them. It has been a while since I last enjoyed reading my copy of

Northcape – Clear Moment Remixed [Music Review]

I’ve been a fan of Northcape for many years, you may have even read the review I did of Captured From Static by Northcape sometime back, so when I got the news

Sakis Gouzonis: New Earth [Music Review]

I just love it when I get an email saying “I have an album out, would you like to review it?” It’s one of the ways that I can discover new music

Adam Barnes: Blisters EP [Music Review]

It certainly seems that my blog is getting some interesting CDs and downloads of some music lately and this latest addition to land in my mailbox is from 18-year-old Oxford-based singer-songwriter Adam Barnes. Adam

Röyksopp: Senior [Album Review]

Personally I always thought that Röyksopp’s earlier album “Junior” was going to be a hard album to follow with its catchy tracks and those wonderful bouncy tunes that I’d got used to

The Heart EP by Heart Kill Giant [Music Review]

I’ve promised you all another music review and here it is, this time it’s a review of the The Heart EP by Heart Kill Giant. It’s always nice to get an email

Dying To Confess by In Darklight [Album Review]

I count myself very lucky that when it comes to bands, either by themselves or by their management sending me CDs to review, I’ve had some mighty awesome CDs dropping through the

Review: North Face Hedgehog (Part 2 It’s Crunch Time!)

You may have noticed that this is part two of my review of the North Face Hedgehog trainers that I kindly received from FitnessFootWear, if you haven’t read part one yet, then

Captured From Static by Northcape [Album Review]

Those of you who do read my blog will know that I do like doing music reviews and this time I got the opportunity to review the latest album from electronica genius Northcape.

Review: North Face Hedgehog (Part 1 Introduction)

Welcome to another review here on my blog, this time I was recently sent some of the new North Face Hedgehog lightweight women’s speed hiking shoes to give my opinion on, a

Avatar 3D at the Scala Cinema in Prestatyn

Those of you following me on Twitter, @BlazingMinds and on this blog will know how much I love the film Avatar and the other day I had chance to see it in

2?? A New Dimension in Music! A Crossover of Electronica and Pop Rock

Way back at the beginning of the month I had an message in my inbox at Last.Fm from DoorChaser about a new bit of music and crossover of electronica and pop rock,