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LaCie Announce 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3

New LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 Bridges the Port Gap and Delivers Massive Capacity to Streamline Creative Workflows Yesterday LaCie announced the next evolution of its popular 2big professional 2-bay RAID storage

7 Uses For Your Nexus 7 After The Lollipop Update

So if like me you’ve got a Nexus 7 and have always found it a trustworthy bit of tech, always easy to use, quick, responsive and all the apps you could possibly

HOW TO: Remove Orange Safeguard From Your Mobile Phone!

It’s been quite annoying lately using my Orange phone to surf the internet, specially when some sites are blocked by the Orange Safeguard. The Orange Safeguard is set up to block sites

3D Films Continue With A Downward Trend In Cinemas

Remember when 3D movies became all the thing to see in cinemas, we we’re all taken in by the wonders of the visually stunning Avatar back in 2010 and when went mad

Is The CD Finally Going To Be Killed By The MP3 etc?

When it comes to music, I’m as bad as when it comes to movies, I just love to listen to music no matter what I’m doing, driving, blogging even reading a book,

Top 6 Apps I Love To Use On My BlackBerry Curve Part Two

Yesterday you may have read part one of my post about my favourite 6 Apps that I like to use on my BlackBerry Curve, well today it’s time for part two of

Top 6 Apps I Love To Use On My BlackBerry Curve Part One

Since getting my BlackBerry Curve I’ve grown quite accustomed to it’s beeps etc as I get tweeted, mentioned on FaceBook and emailed and over the time that I’ve been using my BlackBerry I’ve come

Are You Having Trouble Opening iTunes Links In Chrome?

I’ve talked to loads of people who have had problems opening iTunes links in the Google Chrome browser and coming to a brick wall, when clicking on the “Already  have iTunes” button

Will We Be Losing Cinemas To HD Streamable Movies?

Image via Wikipedia While listening to the radio in work today, I was interested to hear a discussion on how we could be having the movies released in the cinema and at

HootSuite Goes Pro! What Does This Mean For Free Users?

So after loading my HootSuite interface for my Twitter feeds today I was confronted with an option to go Pro or keep with what I’m using at the moment, but at what

Setting Up My Second Hand BlackBerry Curve on Orange

It’s been a long wait to get a BlackBerry, but thanks to @quiffylaa31 I managed to get one, after her contract went and she got a new BlackBerry I got her old

Do You Have Missing Artists On Your iPod?

It seems to be a common complaint that when searching through all the artists on your iPod you come to a point where you know an artist is there, but you just