It’s been quite annoying lately using my Orange phone to surf the internet, specially when some sites are blocked by the Orange Safeguard.

The Orange Safeguard is set up to block sites which Orange rate as only been suitable for those over the age of eighteen and it can be quite annoying as some sites such as FourSquare are blocked by the service and “checking in” is impossible to do via my mobile phone.

FourSquare which has been know to have issues with Orange Safeguard

So this morning I surfed the net looking for advice on how to remove this service ans came across a lot of websites and forums saying it’s really hard to do and that it takes forever to do. A lot mentioning that you have to go into an Orange shop which proof of your age and get them to phone up and sort it all out which can take up to thirty minutes.

How To Remove Orange Safeguard

I had also read that some even tried phoning Orange and had no success!

After reading these, rather off-putting comments, I decided to bite the bullet and phone Orange from my mobile phone via the 450 number. after pressing 4 to speak to a customer adviser, I was quickly speaking to someone and explained that I would like to remove the Orange Safeguard.

The reply was “No Problem, may I take you name and mobile number“, which I did, I was then told that it may take up to 5 days to remove as I was ringing on a Sunday, “OK” I said, then I was told to hold the line for five to six minutes while it was sorted out, no problem.

Then I lost the signal on my phone! But after about ten seconds the phone rings and it’s Orange, I explained I lost the signal and was told that’s ok and that I will receive a text from Orange and that the Orange Safeguard would be off in 24 hours. Wow, now that’s service 😉

So I got the text, followed the instructions to delete the text, turn the phone off and then on again, three minutes later another text came through saying I now had full internet access and that the Orange Safeguard was deactivated.

I don’t why other people are having problems turning the Safeguard off, I had no problem and would like to thank Orange for their quick and helpful service.

Since posting this article back in May 2010 about Orange Safeguard, people are still finding it useful in helping them remove the annoying safeguard, so for this reason the article has been republished to help those having issues.

Karen Woodham
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Karen Woodham
Karen Woodham