It was a welcome return for Thomas Nicholas in Chester last night as he played a gig in The Compass with guests Straight Jacket Legends and Jamie Lovatt.

Most of you who read the Blazing Minds website will know that I have been to a couple of Thomas Nicholas’ gigs and this is the third that I have done.

The surprise for me at the gig at The Compass was hearing Jamie Lovatt’s amazing voice live, the performance was amazing and the audience seemed to love every moment of the performance.

Jamie Lovatt at The Compass 1

Jamie Lovatt is known for his appearance on series 3 of The Voice UK, with his performance of Rozalla’s track “Everybody’s Free“, the performance at The Compass was certainly one I won’t forget with his powerful voice blasting out across the, slightly small, room upstairs.

But I’m so glad I actually got to see him live, just fantastic.

The Straight Jacket Legends have always been a firm favourite of mine and very much Thom’s gigs, I have been to several of theirs as well and I have been quite good friends with the band, but one thing that you wouldn’t expect from the post-punk band is an acoustic set.

And they nailed it, performing tracks from their EP and some from their new album, the band showed that they can not only produce some amazing sound, but, they can also do it during an acoustic set as well.

I always say you can tell how good a band are when they perform live and Straight Jacket Legends know just how to do it, no matter what the size of a venue.

Thomas Nicholas at The Compass 3

The headline act for the night at The Compass was Thomas Nicholas and Matt Kennedy, bot of which I have had the providential to work with before in September 2012 when I first met them at the after show party for the Wales Comic Con.

I have kept in touch with Thom since then and have waited patiently for his return to the UK to catch up with him and Matt again.

Matt Kennedy at The Compass 8

Before Thom went on I had a friendly chat with him about his upcoming movie projects and how he’s finding it back in the UK, suffice to say Thom loves been here and touring and let’s face it we love having him here.

With the upcoming movies such as “Walt Before Mickey” and the long-awaited “The Lost Tree“, Thom certainly has been a very busy guy since I last saw him.

But the night wasn’t about the movies, it was about the music and that is what he is passionate about, as I was with him he was getting his guitar ready to get on the stage and give everyone a fantastic end to the evening.

With tracks such as “Laid“, “My Generation” and a fantastic cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling“, he rocked the venue, with everyone joining in and loving the evening, you couldn’t really ask for more.

Or could you? Thom and Matt were joined on stage by Straight Jacket Legends and Jamie Lovatt to top the icing on the cake!

Thom and Guests at The Compass 7

I have to say that in the almost 2 years that I last saw Thom, he still has what it takes in these performances, he chats to all the fans after for photos, autographs etc and gives his time to everyone that wants it, you couldn’t ask for a nicer guys in the industry.

So the night came to an end, everyone was leaving and Thom as getting ready to go, so before my farewell, I asked him a little favour, I wonder if he would be up to giving a signed album for a fundraiser that I’m helping with. Thom being Thom, he gave me 5 signed albums to help raise money for the event, what an angel.

I must say a massive thanks to Thom for inviting me along and for forgiving me for missing the Holyhead gig and to Straight Jacket Legends for just being awesome as always, also thanks to Jamie for the ReTweets and Favourites, the same goes for the staff at The Compass.

A great night and one which will always be in my list of top gigs.

Karen Woodham
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