Simon Fisher- Becker, Sophie Aldred and and More Guest Announcements for SFW X

We’ve got some more amazing news today about the upcoming SFW X, which takes place in Pwllheli in March next year, the team has only gone and added more great guests to the ultimate Sci-Fi and Fantasy Weekender.

You may have seen the announcement we made a while back about the guests heading to Pwllheli in 2019, but now the guest list is getting bigger for the 10th-anniversary event, that is sure to blow your socks off!

We’ve been told that next year will have a massive boost for younger (and old) gamers with the addition of Minevention, huge line up of bands headed by Glam Rock Legends Doctor and the Medics.. and once again you will find yourselves crucified in a very Dark Room, over and over again. There will be a  selection of Cosplay guests as always – and AREA 51 is busy brewing up another cup of psychedelic Imaginarium tea, which will be served to you by Jim Credible – now that should put a smile on anybody’s face!



A major new attraction, and one that kids and adult gamers will go crazy for; SFW are teaming up with Minevention, an official Minecraft Community Event, we’ll be presenting a fully featured 60 PC Minecraft gaming set-up, featuring custom-built games, along with Xbox build battle competitions for the creative gamers. Hosted by MineVention staff, ably assisted by a couple of very special guests to be announced nearer the time – there will be tons of crafting fun throughout each day… NOT ONLY THAT! Come the night, we’ll transform the set-up into a pure FPS deathmatch arena… Anybody for a bit of 60 player Quake?! This will be all kinds of awesome…


Did you spot Behind the Sofa puppet at this year’s SFW? Fiona Angwin is delighted to be preparing a new show especially for SFW X. Fiona is a storyteller and puppeteer as well as a writer and actress, and works as The Yarn Spinner, telling stories and puppeteering at events countrywide. Her new show will be called Time Travel Tales and features The Spocktor – hopping through time, and coming across creatures who may just bear a striking resemblance to some of your favourite sci-fi characters. The show should appeal to everyone who loves sci-fi, with tons of in-jokes. Children will love the puppets, and so will the adults, for that matter!

Fiona Angwin - Photo by Simon Dunkerley

Fiona Angwin – Photo by Simon Dunkerley



Dr and the Medics were created almost at the dawn of the 80’s, in 1982. Led by the inimitable Doctor, The Glam Rock outfit have had a very colourful career as both recording artists and performers. Undoubtedly best known for their massive 1986 No 1 “Spirit in the Sky,” which sold over 24 Million copies world wide, the band claim to be the only 1 hit wonder to have had 2 hits as their next single “Burn,” got to number 21!! Now still enjoying a highly successful touring career, we took note of your requests a while back and managed to secure their presence for SFW X… and we may have bagged ourselves a rather fitting new Cosplay judge at the same time..


Good buddies of Blazing Minds, Blues Harvest has built up a cult following through their diverse song choices from the world of movies, TV and a few guilty pleasures along the way. We caught up with them backstage this year along with Darth Elvis and LevelUp Leroy for a chat. With set highlights including music from Star Wars, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more, Blues Harvest is the perfect Star Wars cantina band to celebrate the sci-fi, comics and fantasy genres. They’re an incredibly good band, and we promise not to put them up against the Dark Room next year!


Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate are Malcolm Galloway, on his own, or with his colleagues Kathryn Thomas (flute), Mark Gatland (bass), Rudy Burrell (drums) and Ibon Bilboa (guitar). They are based in London, UK. Their music explores often explores scientific and philosophical themes a combines a multitude of genres… and


Announcing Flesh Tetris! Not only do they have songs that are funny, edgy and often with a bit of a sci-fi twist, but they also look the part. A mad max meets glam rock, Jetsons meets the apocalypse type thing going on. We think and ideal band for the weekender. They did a recent event called TimeQuake in Manchester and went down a storm.


Big success last year – EZXP came to life in 2016 and have been merging modern geek culture and classic heavy metal attitudes ever since. This UK five-piece creates huge metal arrangements from classic video game, TV, and movie soundtracks that earn substantial praise from both the rock music and gaming spheres. Already an in-demand live act at e-sport competitions and gaming conventions, EZXP’s YouTube medleys consistently spread like wildfire through online forums and attract notable collaborators like Jason Paige, the original Pokemon theme vocalist.


We saw these guys a couple of years ago and they were amazing, so it’s great to hear that V2A, a EBM-/Industrial/TBM/ Electro Project, are returning after a couple years absence from SFW. Now with an even bigger stage show and bring all the normal madness we have come to expect. Hard Electronic dance with a cyberpunk spin, we’re delighted to have the War Boys back on board!


Forktail is a musical project founded by Artists Si Davis and Boo Cook, exploring the themes Folklore, Folk Horror and Ancient History. Also featuring fellow 2000ad artist Frazer Irving. Promising an exclusive and very interesting performance, packed with wonderfully off-beat characters and wicked wicker stage visuals and entrancing folk/prog beats – brought to life by some of the UK’s greatest comic artists. A real treat for our guests… and 3 big hitters for the STRIP CLUB! These are the guys who did the hugely successful Cosplay Karaoke for us last year, so we’ll be hoping that they have time to fit in that as well once again!


Get ready to Rock with the Biz once again – Doomtrodon will also be returning with another for SFW X. Old school metal by the most notoriously heavy Artist in comics, and his talented group of head-banging heroes.


OK, the name’s terrible – it’s a working title so we’re gonna ask you to come with the final choice – but we know you love Karaoke so much, and our good friend the Pan Man is something of a specialist; so we signed him up for next year. It’s a perfect marriage of sci-fi and songs, and I’m sure the Sons of Skarro will be on hand to help Martyn exterminate any bum notes..



Our awesome friend, Level Up Leroy is heading back to Pwllheli, Level Up Leroy shot to fame at Geek Camp first (so hopefully he’ll come back forever!). Now undisputedly the UK’s top nerd DJ, you can catch him headlining at many premiere Geek gatherings – but nowhere, NOWHERE, do you get to see him in such full effect as at SFW… newest mixes, baddest arena, BIGGEST screen… and lots of lovely AREA 51 accompaniment. It’s the perfect mix every time!

Level Up Leroy at SFW 9 - 2018 (Image by Karen Woodham/Blazing Minds)


We simply couldn’t have our 10th Birthday without our wonderful Professor on board! He’ll be leading the entertainment charge over the weekend, donning his Fighting Trousers and trampling roughshod over those who dare to stand in his way, and sipping tea in Starbucks… and no doubt sharing a sofa with Brian once more – will he get a word in this time?!


I mean – how could we not?! Needing absolutely no introduction, the Legend of John Robertson will return once again to rip you to shreds, in the most hilarious way possible… and I’m sure we’ll see him popping up and making in all sorts of memorable stage appearances over the weekend – stealing the show as only he can!

John Robertson (The Dark Room) at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9

John Robertson (The Dark Room) at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9


He’s back for the BIG ONE… The World’s biggest, baddest, walkin-est, talkin-est robot returns to sci fi to give some love and maybe a little cheek to the SFW X guests. He will be strolling around during the day and ensuring not a single person leaves the area without a smile on their face…….that or they walk away wet.


After his fantastic showing at Sci fi in the city Paul (creator of knightmare live) returns to SFW X. Last time, we saw a flaming ceramic cock (chicken) being flung across the sky by a trebuchet followed by a trail of falling bananas and that was just in the first five minutes. Come and see where the adventure goes this time and see exactly what the dice of fate decides


Returning after the rousing success of last years Imaginarium performance. Who knows what tricks he will pull out of the bag this year but knowing merlin it will be something spectacular and make for a daring escape. If you are lucky…. And we can find him, he may even balance trumpet pools instrument again.


Rock the night way (ok…. Electric conga the night away) to the truly out-there sounds of ESM. Everything used during the show is completely homemade by our mighty Sound leader Peter K Rolling’s. Come once again to experience the madness of homemade sounds that is Experimental Sonic Machines.


We love these guys and we finally got to have quick chat with them at SFW 9, so it’s great to hear that they are back for SFW X, the guys have become a mainstay at Scmainstayender. The Pop Up puppet boys will be back with another four showings of their massively popular puppet films. Pulling in such massive crowds we have to keep having them back to give everyone a chance to finally get front row seats. Make sure you get to this one early!


Bigger than ever this year, with more dedicated space for Comic fans. The boys are back with some new faces – Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner, creators of no Less than Judge Dredd himself, will be taking up residence in our famous Strip Club. Other 2000ad Legends Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley, Boo Cooke, Simon Davis, Frazer Irving, Clint Langley will be on hand to sketch you some original artworks all day long – plus provide us with some highly entertaining panels AND lots in the way of musical highlights… is there no end to their talents?! Dez Skinn will once again do his best to contain, and Mr Lemon will return with his Comic Heaven to keep collectors happy as the proverbial pigs!

Glenn Fabry gives a thumbs up to Karen Woodham at SFW 9



We missed them this year at SFW9 and it seemed the Artyfakes guys missed us too. Back to show off their Armor and weapons as well as giving some helpful advice to anyone in need. They will also be showing off the magic that is their foam workshop for anyone looking for a good place to begin creating props from foam. We look forward also to seeing what new creations Tabby will be there to show us all!


A superb SFX artist and airbrusher, Neil will be setting up a stand to show off his incredible sci-fi creations. Each day Neil will be painting live one of his newest creations on his stall. Previous work includes creating full corpses for the London Dungeon and he’ll be bringing with him an awesome array of incredibly detailed Xenomorphs, Predators, Horror Icons and more – in fact, if there’s anything, in particular, you collectors are after then let us know and we’ll make sure he brings it along!

We’ll also be joined by other amazing Cosplayers – including SONS OF SKARRO and GALACTIC KNIGHTS

Every year we try to bring you new and interesting guests and with these first two names the author track just gets better and better!

So we are thrilled to welcome award-winning writers ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY and ZEN CHO.

Adrian Tchaikovsky is a writer of fantasy and SF novels, known for his series Shadows of the Apt and Echoes of the Fall, as well as his science fiction work Children of Time and Dogs of War among others. He has been nominated for the David Gemmell Legend Award and Brave New Words Award, and is the winner of the Arthur C Clarke and Robert Holdstock awards. He has written over 20 novels and novellas, is a keen RPGer and an amateur entomologist.

Zen Cho was born and raised in Malaysia. She is the author of Crawford Award-winning short story collection Spirits Abroad and editor of anthology Cyberpunk: Malaysia. She has been nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer and honour-listed for the Carl Brandon Society Awards for her short fiction. Her debut novel Sorcerer to the Crown (Ace/Macmillan), about magic, intrigue and politics in Regency London, won a British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer and was a Locus Awards finalist for Best First Novel. She lives in the UK.

Totally awesome!

For our Media track the team are delighted to welcome back the wonderful SOPHIE ALDRED who most of you know from her connection with classic Doctor Who!!

Sophie Aldred (Photo ©2015 Karen Woodham)

Sophie Aldred (Photo ©2015 Karen Woodham)

Sophie Aldred played the role of Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor, from 1987-1989. Even after the original series was cancelled, the character of Ace lived on through books and comics and, when Big Finish launched their line of Doctor Who audios in 1999, Sophie returned to play the character once again.

Born in Greenwich, London and raised in Blackheath, Sophie studied drama at the University of Manchester and worked in children’s theatre, working men’s clubs and musicals before being cast in Doctor Who. Since the cancellation of the original series, Sophie has continued to stay busy with work on programs like Words and Pictures, Corners, Tiny and Crew, ZZZap! and, more recently, extensive voice work, including animated programs such as Dennis and Gnasher, Bananas in Pyjamas, Peter Rabbit, and Tree Fu Tom. In fact, in Tree Fu Tom, someone called David Tenant played her sidekick!

We are thrilled that Sophie can join us again.

But the excitement doesn’t end there … Also for our media track, we welcome the talented SIMON FISHER-BECKER for the first time at SFW.

Born in London in 1961, Simon is best known for his portrayal of Tony Fazackerley in Puppy Love for the BBC and as Intergalactic Black Marketeer, Dorium Maldovar in the BBC’s hugely successful – Doctor Who. Simon has covered the whole spectrum of the industry; everything from Shakespeare to Panto, Musicals to Farce, equally at home with Comedy and Drama.

Other Credits include: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (The Fat Friar), Sweet Thing, The Emperor of the Moon, An Inspector Calls, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth and his one-man play Hamlet: Tragedy of a Fat Man by Paddy Gormley.

Simon has written a semi-autobiographical trilogy of one-man shows: My Dalek Has a Puncture, My Dalek Has Another Puncture and Let Zygons Be Zygons.

As you can see it looks like SFW X is going to be another amazing event and as always we’ll bring you more news as and when we have it, plus don’t forget I’ll be at the event next year and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people who are attending and getting the chance to meet those that frequent the official Sci-Fi Weekender Facebook Group.

SFW is the biggest Sci-Fi and Fantasy Festival in Europe. But don’t take our word for it … Come along and join the fun! #itsfamilybaby

With under 90 Tickets now showing this really is the final roll call if you want to board and make the 10th legendary voyage

For emergency weekend passes get online @ or Ring sub Lieutenant Kelly Forster on 0203 287 1625

See you there folks.

Karen Woodham
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