Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9 It’s a Just A Minute Invasion!! – Part 2

Yesterday I brought you my recap of Friday at Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9, I also posted up from Geekcamp on Friday, today is the last day, Saturday is always the day that pushes the levels up to eleven and this year was no exception.

As with the last two Weekenders, there was a preview of Tom Paton’s latest movie, I was totally gutted that I missed this one this year, but never fear dear readers, I am hoping to sort our a screener to allow me to bring you a review soon.

Saturday was another day full of things to do with something for everyone.

Spindles interviews William Hope

Simon “Spindles” Potthast returned to the Main Void’s stage with his “Bag of Tat” and kicked off with more of his interviews and Q&As, starting with William Hope (Aliens, Hellraiser II), this was yet another brilliant bit of stage time from both Simon and William, a fascinating look into William’s career and those wonderful stories that we love to hear at SFW.

Spindles returned to interview Ross Mullan

After a short break, Simon returned to the stage with the delightful Ross Mullan, this was an interview and Q&A that went down very well, Ross has a great fan base and that was seen by the fans that were in the Main Void and they were itching to ask Ross some questions and of course get the chance to have a surprise from Simon’s “Bag of Tat”. I’ve only had a brief chat with Ross and that was some time back, this time being that I was taking photos, I got some shots of him during the interview and even tweeted me after I posted up some photos and followed my personal Twitter.

Sam Stone reads from Posing for Picasso at Starbucks

Feeling the burn of running around taking notes and photographs, I decided to stop by Starbucks and sit in on Sam Stone’s reading of Sam’s new book, Posing for Picasso, I really don’t want to give anything away about the book, but boy oh boy, Sam has written another amazing sounding book, from what I heard during the time listening to her reading from it. Fans of Sam’s work will not be disappointed.

2000 AD A Comics Journey

Now at one point I thought, I heard that this may have been cancelled, but thankfully not, it’s always great to see these guys on the stage and for the conversation about the “Comic Journey”, we did have one guy who seemed to be very passionate about the 2000AD comic books and mentioned that he did have all the comic books right back to issue one. Loved seeing Glenn Fabry up on the stage on his Birthday.

Glenn Fabry caught me taking photographs!

During my moments of running around taking photos, Glenn spotted me and gave me the big thumbs up, a great moment for me to grab a shot of him, thanks for that Glenn, I do hope that I can catch up with him for a chat soon, missed out this time (again), busy running around like a crazy fool.

Just a Minute invaded by John Robertson

One of my favourite moments at SFW is the Just a Minute gameshow that was on in the Main Void, this time The Dark Room’s John Robertson joined, David J Howe, Dez Skinn, Bryony Pearce, Paul Flannery and Jonni Davis in the fun and I just knew that this was going to be a version of the show that would be different than the previous years, there was even a visit from Mr & Mrs Flamboyant Potato Head!

Pop Up Puppet Cinema does JAWS!

I finally got the chance to catch the Pop Up Puppet Cinema‘s performance of the ultimate shark movie, Jaws, and it was absolutely brilliant, the guys certainly know how to pull in the crowds and this performance had all ages enjoying the show at the Spaceport. Pop Up Puppet Cinema, don’t just put on a run of the mill puppet show, they go all out with extravagant props, music, amazing comedy and vocal talents, plus the puppet stage transforms into many of the key location in the movies that they are re-enacting.

Just stunning, I caught up with the guys behind the puppets for a quick chat.

Dalek Gangam Style!

It was great to see a good friend of Blazing Minds, Martyn Crofts aka The Pan Man, back at Sci-Fi Weekender, I had a feeling Martyn was there when we had the voice of a Dalek over the speakers in the Main Void on Friday night. Saturday saw Martyn “busking” in the area between the Main Void and Starport, so I couldn’t resist getting a  quick video of his performance. I loved it, it was also nice to catch up with Martyn on Sunday morning at Starbucks for a coffee and a proper catch-up.

We caught up with Level Up Leroy, Darth Elvis and Blues Harvest

As the day went on, I managed to grab a few minutes to catch up with the guys for a quick informal chat, there is so much going on at Sci-Fi Weekender that it can be hard to find somewhere quiet and secluded from passers-by, but we did manage to grab a corridor behind the stage area of the Spaceport, throw up the camera and just chat for 5 minutes!


Cosplay Finals and I Am Groot (Flamboyant Potato Style!)

The Cosplay competition is always great to see at Sci-Fi Weekender and this year was no exception with plenty of amazing costumes, the cosplayers at SFW really take the time and effort to produce amazing looking stuff, even the Half-Arsed Avengers lol.. But the winner this year was an amazing Goot, but with a difference, inspired by John Robertson’s Flamboyant Potato, the I Am Groot cosplay had a Flamboyant Potato head and it looked brilliant, so much so that John came running to the stage to show his appreciation to Groot.

The Radiophonic Workshop

Now I have to say that I was really looking forward to seeing The Radiophonic Workshop again, these guys are amazing, they are pure legends of the soundtrack world for geeks, their performance on Saturday night a sheer joy to listen to and watch, the amount of equipment they had on the stage was staggering and it took a while to put up and take down.

The Radiophonic Workshop may have upset some as the guys did go over their time slot and many Dark Room fans were waiting for the show to come on at 9:30 pm, but for me, it was well worth having so many amazing tracks being played by legends that I remember from my childhood days of Doctor Who.

The Dark Room Makes A Triumphant Return to SFW

After the success of John Robertson’s, The Dark Room, the live interactive 80s video game returned to GeekCamp with the Main Void filled up with fans of John’s show, this year John certainly turned the dial to 11 with his one-man show and fans rejoiced at SFW9 as he brought roars of laughter throughout the venue, I can imagine that John will be making a return next year for more Flamboyant Potato fun and trying to escape from The Dark Room. John also brought the exclusive news along with him that The Dark Room game is on its way.

Level Up Leroy Shows SFW How to Geek Out

Bringing the tunes to the Masquerade ball this year, was the return of my good friends Level Up Leroy and he certainly brought the SFW attendees to their feet as he mixed on the decks and also produced amazing visuals on the big screen behind him for the weekenders that wanted to start dancing the night away in the Main Void.

Leroy was joined on stage by Area 51, the crowd went wild for Leroy’s performance, what an amazing SFW9 Masquerade Ball. Level Up Leroy’s style of mixing with visuals has become a firm favourite for fellow geeks and nerds that attend Sci-Fi Weekender and it, to be honest, it wouldn’t be a Sci-Fi Weekender with the master of the decks hitting the main void on a Friday night and throwing down some awesome mixes.

So Level Up Leroy, we salute you, sir, keep those mixes coming and making the Main Void the place to be on a Saturday night at SFW.

SFW9 has been an outstanding event, as always, it’s had a little something for everyone, the guests have been great, the interviewers have also been great with them keeping the Q&A sessions etc flowing nicely, the artists have produced some amazing exclusive artwork for fans, the authors have yet again kept the world of the printed book alive and it was a joy to meet them and check out some of their work.

So a massive thanks to everyone involved in putting Sci-Fi Weekender SFW9 together, it’s a pure joy to attend, now it’s the long wait for the big one, SFW X, Sci-Fi Weekender will be celebrating 10 years next year and I can’t wait to be at that one, it’s going to be another amazing celebration of the world of geeks, nerds, and of course, Sci-Fi.

I would also like to thank the team for the mention in the souvenir programme. If you have been to an SFW or are going to be attending SFW X, then please pop by the Official SFW Group on Facebook, be seeing you.

Karen Woodham
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