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Cyber Bullying on Social Media

Lets face it folks Cyber Bullying is happening, it’s going on while you are reading this, someone somewhere is firing off their ridiculous threats and trying to undermine the very foundations of

Twitter Verification, How Do You Get Verified on Twitter?

We’ve probably all thought about Twitter Verification at one time or another, those of us who have had our Twitter accounts cloned/copied in the past would love that little tick, but it

HOW TO Find Out Your Twitter Stats

A question that I’ve been asked many times by friends using Twitter is “How can I find out my Twitter Stats?“, so I thought it may be a good excuse to bring

Preparing for the 2014 Blazing Minds TweetUp

TweetUps are something that has really taken off over the years and more and more people are doing them, now we are organising our second TweetUp for next year. More Tweeps, The

What I’ve Learnt About Twitter Over The Years

Twitter can a be a strange creature, it can be a powerful tool or it can be like standing in a field shouting at yourself. But none the less Twitter has become

Farewell To Rhyl’s Honey Club as it Makes Way For a Hotel

The former night club and favourite haunt for many in Rhyl, The Honey Club, has been demolished. Many people from the town and surrounding areas remember the club as Rosie O’Gradys, but

Pluggio: A Twitter Client With A Little More Under The Hood [Review]

So while I was perusing my Twitter feed the other day, I noticed that a tweet had use “Pluggio” to send out the tweet, so I was interested to see what this

Lost Twitter Followers? Spammers And Dead Accounts Removed!

So if you are one of the many that suddenly noticed a big drop in their Twitter Followers count, then don’t worry, you’re not the only one that this has happened to,

Going AWOL For A Couple Of Days From The Blazing Minds Blog #SFW4

Ok folks, this is a short one for you all, about my absence from my blog for a few days, this is all down to the event that I’ve mentioned a few times here

New To Twitter Then Watch Out For That Direct Message SPAM!

It’s one thing that I always tell everyone who joins twitter to pay close attention to and it’s that Twitter Direct Message SPAM that has a way of sneaking in to a

How To Write a Well Constructed Twitter Bio

I’ve written so many articles about using Twitter for Social Networking and I have mentioned briefly about the bio on your Twitter profile, so now, I thought it was about time I

Hang On That’s The Blazing Minds Twitter Bio!

So earlier today I was tweeting away on my iPhone, checking new followers to the official @BlazingMinds twitter when I noticed something a little strange! It seemed to be an earlier version