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In the last 12 months or so, Blazing Minds has gone from strength to strength and has started developing in to even more entertainment based articles, Blazing Minds now covers local and national events and shows, with exclusive backstage photos and articles on the stars.

You can find all the reviews of the local and national shows, with exclusives here in this very category, so if want to see those exclusive celebrity photographs from events and shows, as well as read all about them, then Blazing Minds is the place to find them.

Straight Jacket Legends Live In Holyhead [Review]

You can always guarantee a great night of entertainment when Straight Jacket Legends are performing and their performance in Holyhead was another one of those nights. With guest Dual Core and MC

Exclusive News For Sci Fi Weekender 5 in 2014, Guest Announcements

Sci Fi Weekender 5 announces first star guests including Rene Auberjonois & Ethan Phillips. (March 28th/29th) Hello my wonderful readers and Sci Fi Weekender fans, I’ve got some fantastic exclusive news for

Warwick Davis Amongst Stars Pulling In Fans At Wales Comic Con 2013

It’s so hard to believe that Wales Comic Con has come around so fast and this year Blazing Minds and Celeb Exposed have had the chance to get a great shoot with Warwick Davies

Chris Cross and The Carny Cabaret Show at Alexanders Jazz Theatre

It’s was night of entertainment that has to be seen live to be believed as Chris Cross and The Carny Cabaret brought fun and excitement to an audience in Chester at Alexander’s

Carnaby Street The Musical Welcomes New Cast

As a lot of you know that read Blazing Minds, I do a lot of reviews for the movies, events, music and much more and I’m also delving in to the theatre side of

Sci Fi Weekender 2013: Part Four The Final Frontier

Welcome readers to the last of my articles about this years truly outstanding Sci Fi Weekender in Pwllheli, as this is the last article, yes folks I promise it’s the last, I

Sci Fi Weekender 2013 Part Three: Cosplayers, Fans and Celebrities

Welcome to part three of my Sci Fi Weekender special that is running all this week on my blog, for today’s post I decided to make this more of a capture of

SciFi Weekender 2013 Part Two: Let The Fun Commence With The Opening Ceremony

With the day of the opening ceremony now upon us, it was time to grab all the gear, cameras, phones, schedules, Nexus 7 and head on over to what was called the

SciFi Weekender 2013 Part One: Early Bird Arrival

Making the most of only living around 50 miles away from Pwllheli, I finished work and headed on over to the SciFi Weekender, travelling in the mist and a few road works,

Presenting An Article Of Parts For The SciFi Weekender 2013

So you all know that this weekend has been the big event for Blazing Minds and covering the 2013 SciFi Weekender has been an amazing time spent I’m Pwllheli. We were working

SciFi Weekender In Wales, A Weekend Of Fun And SciFi

So folks the SciFi Weekender is pretty awesome so far, I’ve got some exclusive photos lined up throughout the weekend with the likes of Frazer Hines and Many Intiraymi. Managed to get

Going AWOL For A Couple Of Days From The Blazing Minds Blog #SFW4

Ok folks, this is a short one for you all, about my absence from my blog for a few days, this is all down to the event that I’ve mentioned a few times here